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In the Shakespearean play, Macbeth, Macbeth is portrayed as a tragic hero but in the end, he is the cause of his downfall due to the mass amount of evil and selfish ambitions he displays. The audience who have been interested in the play, Macbeth, still to this day wonder what was the true downfall and what roles could have potentially drawn him closer to his death. Was the cause of it just himself? Could it have been that Macbeth was influenced by individuals such as the Three Witches and Lady Macbeth? The answer is it could have been both or one side of actions could have outweighed another or one side could have been the reason the other situation occurred.

It can only be explained the best way possible to agree on one side over the other.

At the beginning of Macbeth, he is well known for his heroism for the country of Scotland and is well-praised by the king, also known as King Duncan, and the common people, but then slowly starts to fall downhill after that.

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Macbeth’s character flaws start to escape out into the public and they started to realize that Macbeth’s emotional standpoint is unmerciful and violent during and after the war.

In theory, this is what potentially led him to kill King Duncan due to his desire of killing and having power. Throughout the Shakespearean play, the details about Macbeth continue on, but then at one point, it changes to Lady Macbeth convinces him to kill the king.

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At this point, the audience is wondering why out of all people would she be the one to persuade her own husband to kill the king? It could be the fact that Lady Macbeth wanted her husband to rule instead of Duncan, but after that event occurs, Macbeth’s eagerness and the greed of violent acts grows larger and larger. Before Lady Macbeth came into the picture of potentially being the one to convince him of killing the king, we also have to remember that the Three Witches had something to do with Macbeth as well.

The Three Witches has some sort of prophecy stating that Macbeth will be king someday and of course, if multiple individuals can explain the fact he will be king and state future events that will lead up to that, he would do anything to secure a spot in royalty if it were to take a life. As Macbeth is hearing this coming from the Three Witches, explaining their prophecy to him, of course, believes everywhere word that they say with no questions asked. In my opinion, I believe that the witches foreshadowing could have been completely responsible for his future actions and or his thoughts of becoming king very soon even though in the play, the witches had never stated to Macbeth he needed to kill the king. This truly shows how he really is as a person, his character, and his ambition for violence and desire for killing.

To bring back up Lady Macbeth, throughout the play, her character seems to get darker and darker as it goes on. For example, in the play, Lady Macbeth shows more of her selfish yet dark side and is shown by her controlling her husband, making him feel guilty as if he is not a man which makes him not believe who he is as a man and what his conscience has for him. Lady Macbeth has clearly stated and has given evidence to her greedy and dark side by telling her husband that she would kill her own baby to have what they truly want and that is absolutely pure evil. My honest and true opinion is that Macbeth is the reason for his own downfall and has no one to blame but himself. Including with that though is his wife and the three witches played mind tricks on Macbeth to pressure him into a path of dark ambitions.

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A Look At Macbeth Tragic Hero

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