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A Long Time Ago

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A long time ago, in a very remote town, the drought has been going on for three months. The land was once full of wheat for food, but now the wheat is dying for lack of water. They fell into the wheat fields one by one, it is like a desperate battlefield here, which means that people have lost their last line of defense in life. The once full wheat grains are gradually withering and shrinking, just like many people are losing their confidence in life.

Jimmy is the most devout believer in the small town. Whenever he prayed to God, his shining eyes were like stars in the night sky, which were full of fanaticism about God. But now hunger made him weak now like a dog-tail grass that could be blown off at any moment.

Hunger made his eyes sunken and his skin tightly attached to the bone. Inside his body seemed to have a raging fire of hunger burning his life.

“God is testing me, and faith will protect me from hunger,” Jimmy said to himself.

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The cabinets used to store food were covered with cobwebs, but Jimmy saw the delicious bread God had placed on them shining brightly.

Two weeks later, hungry mice and vultures fight for the bodies of the starving. More and more people are joining groups that steal and rob food, and Jimmy is ashamed of them. He believed that God’s people would not be such a pariah if they starved. It’s a great sin, God won’t forgive that, ” Jimmy said to himself. Today, Jimmy has eaten everything he can eat, and his morals could not feed him, he decided to go to the priest for help.

When a deep red color of the sunset shining on the western hills, Jimmy came to the front door of the church. The church is the town’s most ornate building and the town’s faithful express their wishes to God through their years of giving to the church.

A fat priest met Jimmy, the figure of overstaffed and all over adipose let this priest appear dull, his great size forced him to move slowly. “God’s child, what’s wrong with you?” The priest slowly squeezed out a few words from the slit between his teeth, the fat on his face seemed to make it difficult for him to speak.

“Can’t you see the misery of this town?” Jimmy responded indignantly that. The priest had received believers’ donation to god, had not brought them the good news, but had fed themselves

“I accepted your donation and passed your wishes on to god, and god must have his own plan.” The priest simply repeated his old words to pass the buck. The priest’s cold answer left Jimmy feeling truly cold and hopeless, even colder than the wind that outside

“You have betrayed my trust. You have a lot of food. You can save us!” There was a fierce gleam in Jimmy’s eye, but then the idea of resistance died down and a little cowardice took its place. To Jimmy, the church was so sacred and the priest so dignified, how could he be so greedy for the messengers of God? It was a diabolical idea.

“Let God decide. I must be off duty, “said the minister, closing the church door.

Jimmy walked sadly out of the church, he looks dispirited stoop, he was hungry and giddy, but most of all there was nothing to protect his soul. He saw the desolate streets full of dead people, like wheat fields that had just drought, “I will be like this soon,” Jimmy thought despairingly.

The bodies of the starved on the roadside gave off a foul smell. The mice ate the poor man greedily. The mice grew very fat by eating people. Jimmy could not tell for a moment whether these mice were dirty demons or messengers of God. At this moment, he saw a man returning home with food. His eyes looked like a hungry wolf looking at a piece of fat and juicy meat. Jimmy took the knife and headed for the man. He finally betrayed God.

The blue sky floating with large chunks of white clouds, they are below the reflect that the setting sun presents the flame general purples, “Perhaps God’s holy light never shines here”, Jimmy thought after a big meal.

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