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A Little History Essay

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A Little History

In a government sponsored website one can find the following information regarding the ancestry of most Taiwanese: Archaeologists have found evidence of prehistoric human habitation in Taiwan that dates back 12,000 to 15,000 years, and suggests that the earliest ancestors of Taiwan’s present inhabitants came from at least two places: southern China and Austronesia. Early settlers from southern China settled in northern and central Taiwan… (see Taiwan website). Aside from its proximity to China this historical trivia provides an explanation why Taiwan is very similar to China.

This also explains the influence of Chinese culture that is so evident in the whole of Taiwan culture. Food is the closest thing to culture and since Taiwan is closely related to Mainland China in terms of culture, there is also a significant similarity in the way food is prepared. This is a factor to consider for any expatriate coming in to work. If the expatriate is used to eating Chinese food then there is no problem adjusting to the culinary preference of the Taiwanese people.

The Economy In the CIA World Factbook a bright outlook is seen with regards to business opportunities, “Taiwan has a dynamic capitalist economy with gradually decreasing guidance of investment and foreign trade by government authorities […] Exports have provided the primary impetus for industrialization. The trade surplus is substantial, and foreign reserves are the world’s third largest […] China has overtaken the US to become Taiwan’s largest export market” (see CIA). The last statement in the above-mentioned information, the one about China becoming the number export market for this nation speaks volumes about the economic potential of Taiwan.

This also tells of its strategic position. Moreover, judging from this business relationship in spite of the shaky political relationship with the People’s Republic of China hints at Taiwan’s seriousness to overcome any obstacle to become a serious economic player in the region, in Asia and the world in general. Conclusion Looking at Taiwan and South Korea there is not much difference. This means that if I am forced to go to either one then I will be able to survive, thrive, and most probably succeed.

Yet, since I have a choice in this matter, then I will choose Taiwan over South Korea. The following reasons supports my decision. Culture As mentioned earlier my family originally came from China. This means that I was raised in a family that practices or even cherishes values similar to those in China. Now, since Taiwan is considered part of China then it also implies that both countries share similar cultural traits. The same could not be said of South Korea whose culture is very different from the Chinese of mainland China.

Having similar culture could also mean that it will take me a shorter amount of time to learn the do’s and dont’s of the Taiwanese culture. This translates to efficiency and promotion up the corporate ladder. This also means less mistakes and an increase in customer satisfaction. It also enable me to contribute in terms of giving inputs on how to improve servcie since I fully understand what the Taiwanes customers are actually saying and not merely interpreting their words into English and assuming that translated words are the actual intent of their communication.

Food The closest thing to culture is food. In this aspect Taiwanese cuisine is similar to those in the mainland. This means that less trouble for me nutrition wise. Many have said that the most difficult part in crossing over other culture is not the different clothes and not even the language barrier. What is most difficult according to many is learning to stomach the exotic foods available in a particular locale.

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