A Literary Analysis of the Novel Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

In the novel, Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, a group of people are flown to Isla Nublar. The Island is full of prehistoric Dinosaurs. The park where the Dinosaurs are held is called Jurassic Park, the park is owned by John Hammond. John Hammond is the head of InGen Corporation. As they arrive at Jurassic Park they run into some problems, they run into the Chaos theory. By discussing the computers, the staff, and the dinosaurs it will be proven that the Chaos theory lead to the failure of the park.

The computers play a big roll in the downfall of the park. Nedry,the computer technician at Jurassic Park, Nedry decides to shut down all the power at Jurassic Park so he could steal embryos to sell them. With the power out the electrical fences are down, the dinosaurs could escape from their cages. The sign said allelectrified fence 10,000 volts do not touch,but Nedry opened it with his bare hands, and unlocked the gate, swinging it wide.

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With the electrified fences off the dinosaurs escaped and where rooming around the Park, with the staff having no clue how to turn the computers back on, or what to do about the dinosaurs.The Staff was also a big factor to the downfall of the park. The staff that John Hammond hired to run his Island where very inexperienced with dinosaurs. Dr. Henry Wu is the head geneticist in Jurassic Park and head of the team that creates the dinosaurs. He proposes genetically altering further saurian creation to make them more manageable.

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He thinks that all the dinosaurs in the park are all females, so he thinks they canâlit bread. Unless you have ostriches on this island, itális a dinosaur egg. Nedry was another one, Nedry was in charge of networking Jurassic Parks. Nedry doesnâlit know what InGen does, he was hired to program without many details, and was called to the Island to fix numerous bugs.


Hammond refused to pay him extra money for his work. Eventually Lewis Dodgson of Biosyn offered Nedry 1.5 million to steal embryos from Jurassic Parks lab. In order to do that he had to shut down the security system, and the electric fences. After Nedry shut down the security system, and the electric fences he left to go give the embryos to Lewis Dodgson. With Nedry gone they had no one else that knew how to put the power back on, the staff was unprepared for something like this to happen, they where not a prepared crew to run a park with dinosaurs. The third and final factor to the downfall of the park was the dinosaurs. As we all know dinosaurs are millions and millions of years old. Dinosaurs where not in existence with human nature. These creatures are not of out world. They come from a time when there were no human beings around to prod and poke them.

The staff also thought that all the dinosaurs where females. all All the animals in Jurassic park are female, Wu said.âdı (Crichton 108). They found out that the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park where breading by scanning for a different number of animals that where expected to be in the park. After the scanning they found out their had been more dinosaurs then they had expected their to be. Dr. Grant, Dr. Satter, and Donald Gennaro went to the raptors nest and sure enough their where thirty-three raptors and twenty-two of them where juveniles, when their was only supposed to be eight raptors, this meant the dinosaurs where breading. In conclusion the chaos theory had been right all along, the survivors got onto a plane and headed to a hotel in San Jose, the soldiers then blew up the Island with Explosives. By discussing the computers, the staff, and the dinosaurs itális been proven that the chaos theory lead to the failure of the park.

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