A Life Changing Experience of Moving into a New House

Moving to our first house wasn’t as easy as I thought. Last Summer my parents decided to move to a house in the country, because it was like a farm. My parents were raised in a farm in Mexico that’s why they wanted it. They made this decision without talking to me or my sister. I was mad and excited at the same time because I didn’t want to move ,but it was the first time we were going to live in a house.

I have lived in apartments my whole life and in Lexington most of my life, so this was new to me moving into a house. Our new home is about thirty minutes away from Lexington. That’s the reason I didn’t want to move because I would have to change school make new friends. Also I didn’t want to move to a farm its to much work to maintain a farm. In Lexington I lived close to my school and so did my sisters, but since we moved we had to change school.

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I didn’t like the idea of going to a different school, it feels like the middle of nowhere.

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My parents said I can make new friends I said ” I already like the friends I have , I don’t want new ones“, my life wouldn’t be the same any more. I have never lived in the country before, I will have to go to school every day and be stuck at home the rest of the day because it in the middle of nowhere. I had only one more year of high school left, I didn’t want to move so I talked to my parents and convinced them to not change school ,they can drop off me and my sisters to our school in the morning and then they can to go work . My parents worked in a little store they own , so they spent most of the day their. And that was the plan , we go to school and stay in the store and then go home. Making this move affected our lifes because we had to wake up extra early to drive to Lexington and school. And the cost of diving everyday, we drove about an hour everyday just to go home and back, the drive felt like it would never end and still do. I’m glad we move because living in apartment is to small for a family of five ,moving made us all happy ,we all had our own space. Also we didn’t have to hear the neighborhoods fighting, dogs barking ,babies crying and loud music. Moving in to a house made me feel like we finally accomplish a goal, because my parents are form Mexico an didn’t have anything when with when they arrived to the USA ;therefore,getting a house was a big deal for us. So many changes have happen since we moved, now that we live in a new house we were now able to get a dog. We could never have one because the apartments were to small and there was fee to have a dog in a apartment . I am now use to living in the country ,waking up early to drop off my sisters to school and going to my family little store, also then going to my college classes. I still get to see my friends since I spend most of the day in Lexington. There’s also many other little things that have change for example I cant order pizza at home, and have to buy grocery’s before we leave Lexington. This was life changing experience for me because I didn’t feel that apartment was a home and a house feels like home. Moving completely changed the way I lived ,it made me and my family feel happy because we where always fight over piracy. And we got a new member to the family which was a big responsibility. So that’s the story of how moving is my life changing event.

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