A Life Changing Experience of Growing Up in India

A huge part of growing up is to experience new things, meet new people and even go to other places far away from where you live. I thought I should do something different and break my boring routine. The idea of traveling to an exotic place hit me and I thought of no better place to go than India, my beloved India, Where diversity, enchantment and beauty exist In the land where I lived in for nine weeks with a group of youth from all the corners of the world, there is something called “sweat-it-down-from-morning-till-evening” which makes it the least irritating when there’s this thing called “fan” that will save you when you’re at home, but that other thing called “continuous power cuts” that makes you go crazy even more especially when you’re in the shower and the water stops.

Concerning the bullet that certain women have in the middle of the .”forehead is not “the third eye”, you need to look beyond.

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It points out that “Yes, I’m married India is the birth place of spirituality and you can feel its true essence in any Hindu, Sikh or Buddhist temple you visit, even mosques and churches there are a lot different than the ones in Egypt. Even Animals coexist with their religions.

Try to live every day with those who give precedence to a cow, who believe that your commitment of the day is less important than the freedom of that animal, and you are not Hindu.

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Try to live with your neighbor who every day in the early morning recites verses of his holy book at the microphone, and you’re not an Sikh; try living with a girl that dissolves immediately and go hiding if accidentally enters a guy; try to know “cool” guys, or we would call them “ganzi”, who at the age of twenty have the face of Christ as the screen .saver on their phones. It might be faith among Christians, but you’re a Muslim Here you can’t use this word “traffic”. Here it’s called chaos. You can get into the road by whatever means you have (bike, tuc-tuc, cars, carts, bicycles, carts carrying carts carried by hand, scooters, motorcycles, buses, trucks, camels, elephants). And as for sounds! Anything moving on the ground with a motor, you must hear its horn playing for not less than 10 seconds at least for one time, It’s .their hobby, or at least, I’ve interpreted so Having such an intensive experience through getting introduced to people from different cultures and backgrounds, made me realize how difference between people in traditions and culture differences can affect me positively in the way I think and act. Also I can have a new perspective on things in a way i have never thought of before. Moreover, staying far away from home and my family make me become more responsible and be more flexible in accepting people the way they !are, regardless of their race, age or religion.

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