A Life Changing Experience

Have you ever met a person that has had a life changing impact in your life? Well I know I have! The day 1 met Mr. Salazar. I had many problems going on in my life when I was in the sixth grade. He gave me advice and treated me as if 1 was his own daughter. In the year two thousand and eleven 1 met Mr. Salazar. I remember he walked in during my Spanish class. I thought it was awkward because he looked and acted very professional.

In that moment I thought to myself, “this person is going to have a great impact in my life!” I was very curious to meet him and get a chance to show him my personality. I had many problems going on when I was in the sixth grade. 1 was scared of my future actions and I felt I was lost in the moment.

Days passed and I had realized that something weird was happening. I never went to a teacher because 1 was scared they would over react to the whole situation.

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I decided to give it a try! You never know who’s down there trying those eggs if you do not stand up and see. I chose Mr. Salazar as my adviser. We talked about possible solutions to the problems. We got further into the conversation and in that moment everything around me stopped! I realized this person was the most precious treasure I had in school. He was the only person I could talk to when I had problems.

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He treated me with respect, honor, and appreciation. Now you can see! This teacher has had a great impact in my life. Now he is my best friend. We talk life old friends. We give advice to one another and understand each other. Think about it. Who has caused a life changing experience?

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