A Leap from Art To Biology Essay

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A Leap from Art To Biology

I have always been so sure that I wanted to earn a degree in the field of art. I believe that I posses the skills of a budding artist and the talent that will make a superb artist one day. I have imbibed the doctrines and have started sketching in my pad what I picture my colorful professional life would be while I was studying art in Korea. Little did I know that later, during my stint in the College of Arts, when I started studying at California State University, Northridge for my baccalaureate degree would pave the way for a new discovery about myself: there is a biologist in me!

Thus, as much as I am thrilled about capturing the different colors in a butterfly’s wing on canvass, I am now more excited to study the molecular basis of this mosaic. Being enrolled at the California State University, Northridge was instrumental for my career revolution. CSUN has opened up various opportunities that have enticed me to change paths from art to science. It was truly a difficult decision, and a big leap from a totally different field, but it was well worth it.

I discovered a different side of me and I realized that I have a knack for science and math, thus, I chose the field of biology to develop my newfound aptitude. Later, I have learned to be more analytical in solving problems and the concepts of nature, which I find enigmatic before, have offered exciting possibilities of solving practical problems. The curriculum of the Department of Biology and its design has unlocked learning opportunities for me. This is the reason why I would like to enroll in an advanced degree in Biology at CSUN.

Of particular interest to me are the fields of functional anatomy, physiology, genetics, and embryology and I would be very willing to pursue a research on these topics for my Master’s degree. CSUN’s resolve to focus on the needs of its community as it continues to earn global appeal is moving students like me to continue to give back what I have learned here to my own community in Korea. In the future, I plant to return to my home and introduce them to the new person I have become, molded by the experiences this place, and learning science has burgeoned in me.

I hope to share my knowledge, passion and expertise to solve our most pressing problems. The environment in CSUN and its friendly nature to international students has been a motivating factor to my desire to continue studying here. Outstanding mentors and professors who inspire students to increase their zest for learning biology highlight the department. I am also excited to witness and become part of this 50-year old institution’s growth. The artist in me continues to thrive and I believe that earning my Master’s degree in Biology at CSUN complements my aspirations to be a biologist with a heart and appreciation for the beauty of life.

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