A Kestrel For A Knave By Barry Hines

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“Forgotten your kit again? ” Sneers Watkins. He picks up a pair of shorts from the lost property box in the changing grooms and throws them at me. ‘ This quote displays the relationship between a teacher (Watkins) and a pupil (Solomon Morris).

‘Every lesson for four years! And in that time you’ve made no effort what so ever to get any kit. You’ve skyved and scrounged, and borrowed and… and… BEG. ‘ The quote above also symbolises the relationship between a teacher (Mr Sugden) and a pupil (Billy Casper).

In this essay I am going to compare two extracts of a lesson and find out the similarities between them. First I’m giving a background about the two victims:

Solomon is an only child, whose mother has ran away from home and he now is in the very incapable hands of his father. This is because his dad is a very heavy and dependent drinker, which means there is never any spare money for food and other loyalties.

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It’s no wonder he doesn’t have a simple PE kit. On the other hand, Billy has one horrible brother (Judd), a mum, but this time his dad has run away from home. Again, they’ve not got much money as his mum has a spending problem so not much room for food, etc.

With no support, his mum doesn’t think there’s a reason for buying his PE kit now when he’s about to leave school! Both of the boys have a problem- bullying in one specific lesson- PE, by one specific teacher- their PE teacher.

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‘When Billy saw the stare of his jaw as she ran at the ball, he stopped and dropped down, and the ball missed him, went over him, back in the net. He knelt up, his left arm, left said and left leg striped with mud. ‘

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