A Kestrel for a Knave Book Review

In pages 83 and 85 Mr. farthing is talking to Billy. When Mr. farthing said, “Have you been in trouble with the police lately. ” Billy said, “No, Sir! ” This shows us that since Billy got the kestrel he has stopped “hanging around” with McDowell and therefore stopped getting into trouble. Billy is very interested and passionate for the kestrel, “I got interested in it that it seemed to take all my time up. ” Billy also expresses his feelings for the hawk and tells us that he is not bothered about having any friends and would like to be a “lone wolf.

” This shows us that Kes is the best friend that Billy has ever had and he is the only person that Billy can trust. “Mr. Farthing followed him slowly, then as Billy reached the corner he called his name. ” He asked if he could see the kestrel sometime. This scene is described in pages 112 – 119. Mr. Farthing comes to Billy’s house to watch Billy fly Kes.

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Billy describes his feelings for the hawk. In this scene we see how much Billy cares for the hawk. When the hawk was flying we can tell from the words, “It’s brilliant! ” that Billy is filled with awe and was extremely proud of his best friend Kes.

He loved showing his most treasure to someone else that understood how he felt. In conclusion the kestrel is very important in Billy’s life. From being a lonely, very shy and mischievous boy he has become more determined to learn, less self-conscious and he does not get in trouble because he does not “hang around” with McDowell.

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Since Billy got the hawk he has learned a lot about it. The kestrel is Billy’s hobby so he does not mind that he has no friends because Kes is the best friend Billy has ever had. The kestrel encourages Billy and is someone that Billy can talk to who will understand.

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A Kestrel for a Knave Book Review

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