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A job portal, also known as a career portal, is a modern name for an online job board that helps applicants find jobs and aids employers in their quest to locate ideal candidates. Job portals are sites where you can advertise jobs and search for resumes. They are an integral part of almost every hiring process and using them effectively will translate into qualified candidates for relatively low costs.

Online recruitment is an integral component of the employment procedure. Thousands of employers and employees are benefitted by convenient and organized job portals.

Job portals allow job seekers to customize their job search according to their choice and preference. It improves their visibility on the landscape of the recruitment spectrum. It also increases the chances of getting calls from a number of companies. The great thing about job portals is that they cater to job seekers and employers from a variety of different educational backgrounds, meaning everyone can use them. BD Jobs , is one of the best and truthful Jobs and Education portal in Bangladesh.

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Bdjobs is the first and leading career management site in the country. Eight young business and IT professional backed by strong command over e-business and in-depth understanding of the needs of job seekers and employers in the country’s context started this venture on July 2000. It helps the unemployed people to find their dream jobs and connect them with the fast leading companies in the country. A newspaper is not enough for the job seeker.

As a daily newspaper can’t publish all Bangladeshi job and the arrangement info for people as a result, the peoples want to find a gorgeous way to seeking an all in one job site in online.

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The data collection methods are given below: Secondary sources. We prepared this report with all sorts of information from secondary sources. Secondary data is the data that have been collected through online

The information collected for our report is given below:

We collected informations from 2 websites:

  1. www.bdjobs.com
  2. www.google.com
  3. Newspaper article
  4. From social media platforms like Facebook pages

After collecting all the information from various sources then we organized it to make it look presentable in this report.

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A Job and Career Portal

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