A Java Programming Language Computer Science Essay

Java Technology

Java engineering is a combination of programming linguistic communication and a platform. This engineering supports the “ province of art ” plans helping the games, public-service corporations & A ; besides services related to the concern applications. As of 2012, Java was one of the most of import and wanted scheduling linguistic communication, in peculiar for client-server based applications, with more than 10 million users. Java has become the most of import portion of public presentation & A ; operations for tonss of applications and web sites.

Without Java being installed, it might non be able to run or run them, as it provides much secure, velocity and efficiency.

The Java Programming Language

Java scheduling linguistic communication is high degree linguistic communication. It is an object oriented linguistic communication originated from the Oak linguistic communication. The Oak linguistic communication was developed in early 90 ‘s for a agency of communicating in amusement appliances like picture games and VCR ‘s etc. Java is besides addressed as taken linguistic communication because of its byte codification, which is created by the digest of beginning codification.

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This compiled beginning codification is interpreted by JVM and is so converted to a machine dependant codification which is besides called as Native codification.

The Java scheduling linguistic communication is characterized by the followers,

Object oriented

High public presentation









With other programming linguistic communications, you collate a plan in order to run it on your computing machine. But, Java is peculiarly designed to cut down the figure of dependences every bit less as possible, during the procedure of execution.

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The Java scheduling linguistic communication is unusual, wherein a plan is both compiled and interpreted. By the compiler the first plan is translated foremost into a Java byte codifications ( Intermediate linguistic communication ) . The Java byte codification is a platform independent codification which is interpreted by the translator. Every Java byte codification instructions are identified by the translator. For every plan executing there will be reading, which means the digest happens merely one time.

The figure below depicts how it works ;

Figure: 3.3.1

Java is an Object oriented Programming construct which guides us to the nucleus thoughts & A ; constructs behind object-oriented scheduling such as: Objects, messages, categories and involvements. A clear image of what are they, why you would desire to compose one and how to compose is described clearly utilizing the interfaces & A ; heritage, which are few among those object-oriented constructs of Java.

Java byte codifications are nil but the machine codification instructions for JVM. All the Java translators ( net browser or development tool ) are carried out by the JVM. “ Write one time, run anyplace ” is possible by Java byte codifications. The java plan can be bought into several byte codifications on the platform and these byte codifications can run on any other JVM. The Java plan can run on Mac, Windows, Solaris etc. every bit long as the computing machine has JVM.

Figure: 3.3.2


Data Flow Diagram / Use Case Diagram / Flow Diagram

The information flow diagram is besides known as bubble chart. It is a simple graphical representation that is used to stand for the system by sing the elements like informations which we are traveling to input, procedures which performs the occupation, and end product achieved by the system.

Data Flow Diagram




Position Misuse

View Blind Message


Send & A ; Receive message

Make dealing

Client 4

Client 3

Client 2

Client 1

Start Server

Figure: 4.4.2

A information flow diagram diagrammatically represents the flow of informations in the system. Data flow diagrams can to utilize to visually stand for the information processing which is called structured design. On a information flow diagram informations entities flow from the outside information beginning or from inside informations beginning to an interior informations beginning or to an outside information beginning through an internal procedure. The information flow diagram does non allow any information about the procedure timings or whether the procedure operates in analogue or in sequence. In short, informations flow diagram is a alone type of flow chart.


a ) Use Case Diagram:


Degree centigrades: UsersVelliDesktopc6.PNG


Degree centigrades: UsersVelliDesktopu3.png

Figure: 4.4.3

The usage instance diagram in the Unified Modeling Language is a sort of behavioural diagram which is characterized by and bought into being from a usage instance analysis. The overall thought of usage instance diagram is to stand for a graphical overview of functionality nowadays in the system in footings of histrions, their ends and inter dependance between those use instances. The aim to utilize the usage instance diagram is to picture what type of system maps is used for what histrion. Importance of the histrions in the system can be shown.

B ) Sequence Diagram


Degree centigrades: UsersVelliDesktopu4.png


Degree centigrades: UsersVelliDesktopu5.png

Figure: 4.4.4

The sequence diagram depicts different procedures or objects that are witting at the same time – line of lifes is parallel perpendicular lines, and the messages exchanged between them in horizontal pointers in sequence which the message exchange went. This lets the specification of effortless runtime narrative line in a graphical mode.

A Unified Modeling Language sequence diagram depicts the flow of logic in the system in a ocular manner, allowing us to both papers and validates the logic, and it is more frequently used for design and analysis chances. The celebrated incorporate mold linguistic communication artefacts for dynamic mold are sequence diagrams that mostly aim on happening the responses inside the system. Few other dynamic patterning techniques consist of clocking schematization, communicating schematization, interaction overview schematization, and activity schematization. The important design degree theoretical accounts for modern-day concern application development are sequence diagrams every bit good as physical information theoretical accounts and category diagrams.

C ) Activity Diagram


Position Misuses

View Blind Message

Admin Login


Degree centigrades: UsersVelliDesktopc2.PNG Fig: 4.4.5

The graphical representation of work flows of stepwise activities and actions with the aid of concurrence, pick and loop is activity diagrams.

vitamin D ) Component Diagram:


Degree centigrades: UsersVelliDesktopc3.png


Start Sever

Client 4

Client 3

Client 2

Client 1

Make Transaction

Send & A ; Receive messages

Figure: 4.4.7

The object oriented development ( OOD ) and constituent based development ( CBD ) go together and they are practically identified that object engineering is the sanctioned foundation from where to construct the constituents. An architecture degree artefact either to exemplify, the proficient package architecture, concern package architecture, or sporadically than non both the architectural facets. By using an assembly connection to bridge the suited interface of one constituent with the given interface of another constituent, the constituents can be good bound together.


The Java Platform

The Java platform may be a hardware or package environment where the plan is arranged to run. The developers build the application to run into the user demands. The application may be developed to give the service for one user at a clip or several users at a clip, or several users at different topographic points at any clip. The Java Platform takes into history different jobs that are normally faced by several developers. It provides a bill of exchange with different options for different engineerings based on user demands. There are many important facets in Java platform. In that we have two of import facets, they are Java Development Kit ( JDK ) and Java Runtime Environment ( JRE ) . When the Java Runtime Environment assembled in a computing machine it gives the operating system a medium to run the Java plans. On the other manus Java Development Kit is composed with the tools which are used by the coder in developing any Java based applications.

The Java platform versions contain extra Java API ‘s for bring forthing assorted types of applications such as Java Standard edition, Java Enterprise Edition & A ; Java Micro Edition. Java standard edition ( Java SE ) helps in making desktop applications & A ; applets. Basically this application is created to function little figure of users at one time. Java endeavor edition ( Java EE ) is mended for complicated applications to do it more suited for both medium and big concern units, and this is designed as waiter based application so as to concentrate on functioning the demands of more figure of users at a clip. Java Micro Edition is implemented on Mobile and entrenched devices such as PDA, Printers, tuner box, Cell phones, etc.

We have mentioned that many platforms like Linux, Mac, Windows, and Solaris etc. may be differentiated as integrating on hardware and operating system. The Java platform is different from many of the others. It is a package platform which runs on the top of hardware platform.

There are two constituents in Java platform, they are ;

Java API – The Java Application Programming Interface

JVM – The Virtual Machine.

The Java API is a readymade package constituent with many capablenesss like graphical user interface doodads.

The JVM is a base for the Java platform.

The functionalities of Java API bundles are described here.

The figure shows a plan which is running on Java Platform. The Java API and the JVM covers the Java plan form the hardware.


Java API

Hardware based platform


Figure: 3.3.3

Native codification is a codification that after completing of digest, the compiled codification is farther processed on specific hardware platform. Because of the fact that Java platform is platform independent environment, it is comparatively slower compared to that of native codification processing.

What Can Java Technology Do?

The Applets and Applications plans are the most common type of plans written in the Java scheduling linguistic communication. If browsed through cyberspace for related informations, it makes it much easier and faithfully familiar with applets context. An applet is a plan that sticks to peculiar type of conventions that allow the Java enabled browser to run the applications faster. The generous API can besides be used to compose different types of plans. Bing a strong and most used scheduling linguistic communication in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities, the characteristics gained by execution of Java platform are development tools, Application programming interface ( API ) , deployment engineerings, user interface toolkits & A ; integrating libraries. These characteristics provide all necessary tools needed for compilation, running, monitoring, debugging, and documenting the applications.

Application programming interface is the cardinal supplier that gives a big sum of truly of import categories which are ready for the execution in users ‘ applications.

The of import theory of application programming interface is mostly wide so that it gives distinguishable categories which are really utile in making an applet or application. Another classification of these applets are utilized in communicating with another applet in context. It besides helped in supplying the standard mechanism for widening the applications to the terminal users. To do the creative activity of complicated Graphical User Interface more simple, user interface toolkits were used such as Swing & A ; Java toolkits. To hold an easy entree to the database and coaction of distant objects integrating libraries characteristic was used.

The followers are the characteristics of Java platform ;

Applets: Applets are the conventions used.

Internationalization: For all the worldwide users Internationalization is really utile. It helps in composing a plan which is available to all the users. Programs written are automatically adjusted to specific locations with appropriate linguistic communication based on the demands of the user.

Necessities: Threads input and end product, day of the month and clip, objects, system belongingss, strings etc.

Object serialisation: Communication through Remote Method Invocation and stability with less weight can be achieved by object serialisation.

Software Components: For the current architecture Java Beans can be plugged in.

Networking: IP reference, Universal Resource Locators, Transmission Control protocol, User Datagram Protocol sockets.

Java Database Connectivity: It enables entree to certain degree of Relational Database Management System.

Security: The high degree and low degree, entree control, public key and private cardinal direction, electronic signature and certifications.

There are different types of APIs in Java platform ; they are waiters, telephone, 2D artworks, 3D artworks, life, handiness, address etc.

The below mentioned figure shows what is Java 2 SDK contains.

Description: gs5

Figure: 3.3.4

Java Technology ‘s Impact on User ‘s:

Even though Java engineering can non assure its users the celebrity, luck, or even a occupation, it helps the users to larn the Java scheduling linguistic communication. Java engineering is one of those programming linguistic communications which has broad credence all over the universe, with its immense sum of of import and robust characteristics. Still, it is likely to do the plans good and it takes minimal attempt than compared to any other linguistic communication which simplifies the procedure of apprehension and implementing Java engineering without any complications and confusions. Wide assortment of dynamic, wholly secured and safe independent applications can be created by implementing Java, which is the chief ground behind that gradual and rapid addition in the figure of users ; and it is besides believed that Java engineering will assist in making the undermentioned functions/actions more efficaciously:

Get started rapidly: Java being a user friendly programming linguistic communication, it is really easy to compose and understand. As the scheduling does n’t necessitate any arrows or memory to be managed explicitly, extremely secured applications can be used without any breaks. Even though Java is a really powerful object oriented programming linguistic communication it can do the applications and the plans to calculate out or to construe really with minimal attempts or we can state really easy.

Avoid platform dependences with 100 % Pure Java: The plan can be kept portable by curtailing it non to utilize other linguistic communication libraries. A really good Java merchandise enfranchisement plan which has safe procedure manuals, same online stuffs, white documents and booklets.

Write better codification: It motivates with really good cryptography pattern. Memory leaks are avoided by its refuse aggregation method. The Java beans architecture, object orientation, extensile API and besides its broad ranging helps you to utilize the codification which is already been used by others.

Distribute package more easy: From the cardinal waiter applets can be easy upgraded. Applets can let the new category to lade on the fly without even recompiling the full plan.

Write one time, run anyplace: Java plans are compiled into Java Byte Codes ( Machine Independent Byte Codes ) they can run on any of the Java Platforms.

Develop plans more rapidly: Development clip is every bit much as twice as of composing the same plan in C++ .

Write less code: Plan prosodies such as method counts and category counts are compared which implies, the plans written in Java are much smaller than the plans written in many scheduling linguistic communications like C or C++ . The regulations of object oriented programming such as polymorphism, encapsulation, and heritage are good followed while running.


Communicating with distant objects distribute over the web is set through the Java scheduling. It contains all required informations base in its libraries with beginnings such as RMI and CORBA which are really much necessity to develop any web applications. All Primary informations types can be considered as objects utilizing covering categories to do Java a dully Object oriented, wherein category is considered a basic unit of Java and Objects are the entities which follow the paradigms that are defined by category.

Java applications are more dependable in different ways. It helps compile clip look intoing to place at early phases the causes of bugs, run clip checking, eliminated the usage of arrows which can normally do the corruptness of memory or unneeded entree of memory, waste/garbage aggregation direction to liberate the fresh memories automatically, excluding managing to manage the state of affairs at the clip of happening of any mistake and a batch more.

The lone two illustrations that can be used at this point are as follows. For many good known popular informations base systems ODBC drivers are mostly available. The Plain text files and excel spreadsheets can be easy changed over to many different informations beginnings. The register information written by Open Database Connectivity decision maker to happen out at what exact degree does the Open Database Connectivity drivers are required to pass on to with the informations beginning ( interface to SQL Server or Oracle ) is implicated by Operating System. The lading procedure of Open Database Connectivity drivers is really crystalline to the Open Database Connectivity application plan. In the sever environment and client environment the Open Database Connectivity API controls most of the networking issues for the coder.

The benefits of this are big in figure which makes the user convinced that there are some gimmicks. The disadvantage of Open Database Connectivity is that it is non every bit efficient as pass oning straight to the indispensable database interface. Open Database Connectivity have many censors that creates the charge which is really slow. The of import thing in the public presentation is depends on the quality of the package drivers which are being presently used, which has been proved several clip by Microsoft. In the recent yearss the handiness of the good Open Database Connectivity is improved. About the unfavorable judgment about the public presentation is little correspondent to the people who told compilers does non sync with the velocity of the assembly linguistic communication.

The Compiler or Open Database Connectivity provides the user the opportunity to compose clean plans that means the plans where the user could finish their scheduling Oklahoman. These accelerated digest of plans and applications are doing the systems and the computing machines to work faster and faster twelvemonth by twelvemonth.

Java Database Connectivity ( JDBC )

JDBC is a Java-based information entree engineering from Sun Microsystems. In an accomplishment to acquire an independent database standard Application scheduling interfaces for Java, Sun microsystems established Java database connectivity. This engineering is an API for Java programming linguistic communication that characterizes how a user gets entree to the database. This connectivity offers assorted methods for disputing and updating the information into the users ‘ database. Aside from being easy to compose, utilizing the JDBC API, it is robust, secure, and automatically downloadable. Besides, JDBC automatically appreciates these benefits of Java, by virtuousness of being written in Java.

JDBC is determined towards relational databases, and this span of JDBC – ODBC accredits the connexion to any other ODBC accessible informations beginning in the existent JVM host atmosphere. JDBC gives an absolute SQL database entree mechanism which in fact offers a reliable interface to several different types of Relational Database Management Systems.

JDBC concedes multiple applications to be and to be used by the same application. To back up this, API allows a mechanism for dynamically make fulling the dependable Java bundles, followed by registering them with the driver director of JDBC. Driver director acts as a connexion mill for developing different connexions of JDBC.

There are different sets of drivers for JDBC, which are client-side arrangers, which is already equipped on to client system, and non on the waiter. These drivers so convert the petitions from Java plans to a elaborate protocol that can be easy understood by Data-Base direction system ( DBMS ) . These drivers of JDBC are farther classified into commercial and free drivers that are easy applicable for most of the relational database waiters. The drivers normally fall into one among these types:

Type 1: Type 1 calls the codification of about available Open Database Connectivity driver.

Type 2: Type 2 is a type which calls database Sellerss near library on a client side and afterwards the done codification communicates with database through the web.

Type 3: This type communicates with server side and so goes to the database. And this is a pure Java driver.

Type 4: This uses the database native protocol.

One more type of drivers that is embedded with JRE in Java enabled SQL databases besides exists which is addressed to as Internal JDBC driver, which is used for stored processs of Java. Even though it ‘s similar to that of type 2 or type 4 types of drivers, this does non belong to any of the above categorization. In this type of Java driver, the JDBC client is really running as a portion of the database that is being accessed, such that the entree could be formed straight instead through a distinguishable web protocols.

Java Data-Base Connectivity Goals

There are several ends for Java Database Connectivity. The ends which were set for JDBC are important.

We have mentioned eight design ends, they are as follows


It is chief end for JDBC. It is at really low degree for high degree tools.

SQL Conformance

If you migrate from one database seller to another database seller the SQL sentence structure alterations. JDBC allows any question to go through through it to its database driver.

Java Database Connectivity should be instrumental on the top of a common database interface

This end lets the JDBC to do usage of the OBDC drivers with the aid of a package interface.

Gives the Java interface which is consistent with other Java system

The developers say that they will non travel from the current design to any other unknown design.

Keep it simple

This is a really common end in any package design. Everyone feels that the design should be simple with fewer methods to finish the undertaking.

Use strong, inactive typewriting wherever possible

Very good typewriting makes fewer mistakes at digest clip.

Keep the common instances simple

All the SQL calls made by the developers are really simple, they are ; SELECT DELETE, UPDATE, and INSERT etc. The questions used has to be simple, besides complex SQL statements should be possible.

At last I had made up my head to get down the execution by utilizing the Java networking. And I am traveling to utilize the MS Access database to update the cache tabular array.

The scheduling linguistic communication and platform are the two chief entities of Java programming linguistic communication.

The Java is a scheduling linguistic communication which has the undermentioned characteristics like portable, object oriented, multithreaded, simple, robust, secure, distributed, architecture impersonal, dynamic, high public presentation and interpreted.

It is really unusual for Java to roll up and construe each and every Java plan. With every digest, the Java plan is translated into an intermediate linguistic communication ( Java Byte Code ) . The Intermediate linguistic communication ( Java Byte Code ) is a platform independent codification direction is transferred and run on a computing machine.


To supply the generic database entree methods, that are set of implementation-independent to the SQL ailment databases, JDBC API is used. It ‘s ever like ; JDBC outlines much of the vendor-specific inside informations and concludes most of the database entree maps by and large. This gave out an effectual consequence with set of different categories and interfaces of the Java SQL packages that could be used with any of the databases supplying JDBC through the vendor-specific JDBC driver in most consistent and dependable manner. Merely by exchanging to a new JDBC driver, users ‘ will be able to recycle an application with an wholly different database. JDBC besides enables the users ‘ to compose the applications that entree relational databases without any other idea as to which peculiar database is to be used.

This database connectivity is non merely meant for linking to databases and put to deathing statements, but besides to run into those of import demands in an enterprise-level application environment, such as optimising the web resources by using connexion pooling, and implementing the distributed minutess.

By utilizing a different set of Java interfaces, JDBC accomplishes those fit ends, wherein each interface gets implemented otherwise by assorted types of sellers. Since JDBC is employed with the Java platform, it is easy accessible everyplace Java is applicable. This makes the application of Java, running through JDBC API portable to whole batch of platforms. The codifications implied in the interfaces of JDBC bundles have a higher rate of likeliness for being portable from one seller databases to other rapidly and therefore is much user friendly. JDBC API encourages the applications of Java to be portrayed into multiple grades that separate the concern logic from that of the presentation logic ; therefore, by helping the scalability, dependability and maintainability of the application extremely.

Aside from being easy to compose, utilizing the JDBC API, it is robust, secure, and automatically downloadable. Besides, JDBC automatically appreciates these benefits of Java, by virtuousness of being written in Java.

On whole, as the context of JDBC & A ; its benefits, this besides concludes that JDBC is free from proprietary informations base codifications and programming or running of any application does n’t hold to trust merely on individual waiter. The context besides states that, database required for programming need non be decided early.

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