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A hypothetical letter written in support of "Macbeth"

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A hypothetical letter written in support of William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”

Dear Family: I beg forgiveness for the prolonged period of silence previous to this letter. It had been difficult to write during our battles with the rebels. Things have quieted now for the time being. I enjoy the opportunity to tell you what I am thinking. I hope I can write again very soon. I want you to know that I am in good health. I feel this is a good opportunity to tell the tale of our great victory over the Thane of Cawdor and evil MacDonwald.

Things were looking very horrible, it seemed like all my troops had perished. Our brave general MacBeth came from nowhere to the center of the battle and slayed MacDonwald like the dragon he truly is. MacBeth took a spear and forced MacDonwald’s head onto it and rejuvenated our troops while striking fear into the hearts of the enemy, Before the smoke cleared another blaze had started.

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The king of Norway and Cawdor initiated an assault.

With our previous battle scars there’s no way we should have survived. MacBeth and Banquo came from nowhere and seemingly on their own dissembled the entire enemy. There we stood victorious once again. It is this captains opinion that MacBeth are deserving of the highest awards of honor and bravery. Long live MacBeth.

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