A Hotel Restaurant Practicum Report Essay

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A Hotel Restaurant Practicum Report

As an intern i observed some strenghts within Fernandina Hotel, first is that all the staffs are friendly and they will give you the best services they can offer, i can also say that the location is good because there are nearby malls and other business institutions located within the area. Sanitation and cleanliness is well proven in the hotel they are very strict when cleanliness is involved and they train their staffs to become aware of the health of their guests.

The one thing that can be a weakness of this hotel is that they lack manpower to accomodate their guests, for me this is a big deal as a weakness because this can lead to the downfall of the hotel.The guests will not appreciate the stay if the staffs that will serve them are minimal and cant give them the whole service they want.

In 1572, Spanish conqueror Juan de Salcedo founded Villa Fernandina in the Philippines and named it after Fernando, the firstborn son of King Felipe II. The Seat of Nueva Segovia bishoporic and capital of the Ilocos Region, the romantic Fernandina boasted of stately Spanish homes where the aristocrats of old savoured the simple yet elegant setting of a classic era.

As a tribute to its namesake, the Fernandina 88 Suites at the heart of Araneta Business and shopping center is a masterful blend of contemporary and classical architecture. From the exquisite exterior design of the building to the finest details of each unit, Fernandina 88 boasts of both artistic flair and elegant style. Fernandina 88 suites is designed to suit the tastes of hardworking young professionals and business traveller who appreciate the art of gracious living. This Fernandina 88 suites Owned and Operated by ALCAT Inc. 222 P. Tuazon Boulevard, AranetaCenterCubao Quezon City Philippines 1109. And we are affordable in 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms types of suites.

The mission vision of the company is all to the officers and staff of Fernandina 88 suites hotel dedicate ourselves to provide peaceful harmonious and secure accommodation to our customer clients and guests characterized by quality suites. To this end our aim is to serve our guests in a manner that would exuberate an enthusiasm in service, and the name of the owner of this company is Mr.Joselito Alvarado. and in Fernandina 88 suites we have 3 functions namely 1572 reataurant& ballroom located at 12th floor, the vigan conference hall located at 6th floor, and executive hall located at 2nd floor building.




Sir Bench
(Officer in Charge)

Benjamin Adriatico 1. Raphael Araneta Antero Molave

2. Jonas Robles Ramon Medina (Food Attendant)

Ariel Cruz Ben (Steward) (Steward)

Yes the employees do their duty and responsibilities well inside the restaurant, also all the employees in morning and night shifts are hardworking and responsible.

Breakfast buffet starts at 7AM-10:30AM
Always serve a coffee and hot tea
Last call for the breakfast buffet at 9:30AM
Lunch buffet starts at 12-2:30PM
Always serve water
Last call for the breakfast buffet at 2:00PM

All of the employees and trainees are following the everyday procedures and rules and regulations of the hotel. And prove to the guest that we are always happy to serve them and always smile even we are tired.

Soup Tureen- is a serving dish for foods such as soups or stews. Ramekin- used for the preparation and serving various food, dishes. Percolator- is a type of pot used to brew coffee by continually cycling the boiling or nearly boiling brew. Consomme- is a type of clear soup that many guest can use.

Olstoria- (coffee espresso machine)
Coffee Grinder- is the process of turning coffee beans into a beverage.

All the uncommon equipments are working properly, for me it’s a big deal because if these equipments are gone or is not working properly it will not be easy to serve the guests or we can’t give them the good service they want.

All of the AM shifts are starts from 7AM-3PM while the PM shifts are starts from 3PM-10PM that are the prepared scheduled of the restaurant.

Yes it’s very effective because In morning shift i can start from 7AM – 3PM after that I have a lots of time to get rest in house. While the night shift starts from 3PM-10PM


For me its yes we can move and serve properly inside the restaurant because there is a big and wide space for the guests. And it’s not difficult to move inside the restaurant, it is design to accommodate many guests at once.

Purchase Order
– First we go to purchasing area to get some stocks and after that we need to
write from a piece of paper the item that they get.

One for the am shift and one for the pm shift are assigned to do the inventory every day and all the stocks are enough every day. And so if ever we need to purchase we can just go to purchasing area to get what we need.

1. We always use solution for whipping the tables.

2. We always do the bass out after the guests are done with the dirty plates.

3. We are always segrate all the utensils like spoon, fork, knife and teaspoon.

4. Wear clean proper and tidy attire when they are at work.

5. Keep their finger nails short and clean.

6. Do not wear accessories or jewelry ask they may drop into the food.

7. Keep hair neat and tidy.


1. Dining Area

2. Bar Area

3. Buffet Area

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