A good way of defining a pharmacist Essay

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A good way of defining a pharmacist

I am choosing to define Pharmacist because it is something that I want to study and I want to give people some information of what a pharmacist is. A person who has studied chemistry and health, and has earned a degree is called a pharmacist. This person can get a career that will allow them to mix and prepare any kind of medicine that is needed. They can also help people find the right medication for them or send them to a doctor to get the prescription they need. Pharmacists study to prepare the medicine we need for our health; process, negation, and cause and effect are three methods that can help define a pharmacist.

A good way of defining a pharmacist is by using the process method. There are things you have to do in order to become a pharmacist. First of all you need to graduate from high school, or have a GED, and it would also be better if you do well in the science courses. You will then have to get a four-year degree and studied at least two years of Pre-Pharmacy. After you have a degree of at least four years, you might have to take the PCAT (Pharmacy College admission Test); it is made to measure your ability and knowledge. The next step will be to get a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm.

D. ) from a pharmacy school. It will approximately take you four years and this is the time when you can begin working in pharmacies or hospitals to begin learning about it. Finally you will have to pass an exam (NAPLEX) so you can get your license; you can start finding a job in drug stores, hospitals, health agencies, or schools. Another method you can use to define a pharmacist is by using negation. Just because people work with medicine and prescriptions it does not mean they are pharmacists, there are others who also have similar jobs to them but are not the same.

Medical scientists create new types of medicine by combining chemicals. They are not pharmacists because they make the drugs instead of mixing them like pharmacists. There are also nurses who educate patients about health conditions and give them advice but they do not do everything that a pharmacist does. There are also pharmacy technicians who help the licensed pharmacists to distribute prescribed medication. They are close to being licensed pharmacists but they have not gotten their license, so they are just helping them out with the patients.

The last method I will be using to define a pharmacist is cause and effect. Because of pharmacists, we get the correct prescription that is given especially to us to improve our health. People would not have anyone to mix and prepare their prescriptions correctly for us if they were not here. Because we have pharmacists, there are sick or hurt people that are getting what they need to get cured. If normal people were mixing the prescriptions wrong because of not knowing how, there would be sick people everywhere and they would stay sick or could get even worse.

The cause is that there are pharmacists doing their job and the effect is that people are getting correct prescriptions to get treated. It is hard to be a pharmacist because you have to be a dedicated and careful person. You have to give people the correct medication and also give them instructions of how to take them so they can be helped. To be one of the best pharmacists that make good money, it will take a long time of studying. It is good to know about what pharmacists do because it makes you appreciate them a little more.

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