`A good man is hard to find` by O’Connor Essay

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`A good man is hard to find` by O’Connor

Flannery O’Connor is one of the recognized and visionary scholars who have provided a fantastic and interesting story to the readers in the form of ‘A Good Man is Hard to Find. ’ (Spivey, pp. 122) The writer has endeavored to portrayed a significant religious theme in the story with various flavors of tolerance, prejudice, violence, etc that will be discussed briefly in this paper. In short, the story is a sort of family trip in the car that involves murder based on mishaps by the grandmother (O’Connor et al, pp. 1-2).

It is noted that O’Connor has always included a religious theme in his literary works (Magee, pp. 63). It has been done with this story as well, as the writer has illustrated all the characters desiring for their wants only throughout the story. Until their confrontation with murderers, they do not share any connection of love or understanding; however, end of the story brings a connection in the family, as the grandmother claims her child in one of the convicts. In this regard, writer provided a status of grace to the grandmother, and attempted to explain that God’s forgiveness can save every sinner.

(O’Connor et al, pp. 18) Chauvinism is another major theme in the story, as the writer has portrayed grandmother as an egotistical and racist person who is unaware of other lifestyles around her, and thus, exclaims other people as good only when they come from good background. This theme ends also in the end of the story when she realizes her ignorance and prejudice behavior. As always, O’Connor has included a violent theme in her story to keep the readers intact by involving murders, convicts, confrontation of grandmother with guns that altered her perception (O’Connor et al, pp.

17). However, after various themes of violence, religion, prejudice, and cruelty, the writer has ended the story on a thoughtful note by illustrating grandmother’s realization of humanity and God’s love. Works Cited O’Connor, Flannery & Asals, Frederick. A Good Man Is Hard to Find. Rutgers University Press, 1993. Spivey, Ted R. Flannery O’Connor. Mercer University Press, 1997. Magee, Rosemary M. Friendship and Sympathy. University of Mississippi Press, 1992.

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