A Good Man Is Hard to Find Analysis

In Flannery O’Connor’s story, this family plans a trip but there is a dispute between the adults on a destination, Bailey and his wife choose Florida. To convince her family she informs them of a murderer in Florida on the loose named The Misfit. On their way to Florida, the grandmother sees a route and thinks there’s a plantation she recognizes and gives her son Bailey directions. The vacation has taken a sudden turn for the worst. The family is now trapped and waiting for help.

The family got into a car accident; the grandmother remained silent. After some time help arrives, which was none other than the misfit himself accompanied by two of his buddies. The members of the family excluding the grandmother were taken to the forest by the two friends of the Misfit and killed. She reaches out and touched him on the shoulder.

The grandmother, who had shown very little maternal feelings finally becomes a mother.

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Not having previously demonstrated any expression of love, she gushes with love to a stranger that ordered his friends to shoot her family. She had been selfish during the road trip and now opens herself up to another person in an ecstasy of selflessness.

The protagonist of O’Connor’s story is the grandmother, she’s the focus of the narrative, the character whose reactions we hear from, as well as the only character who’s head we get inside. The opposing force which is often called the antagonist is The Misfit.

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The conflict begins when the grandmother recalls the plantation nearby. The Misfit arrives and the grandmother endangers her family by revealing the identity of the Misfit. Each member excluding the grandmother is murdered. The conflict drives the characters and the plot forward because it is the characters going through obstacles that create suspense and tension. Conflict assists the reader to analyze the message of a story or the main idea which is not what happens rather it is the meaning of what happens.

O’Connor writes from a third-person limited omniscient point of view through the grandmother’s eyes. Flannery O’Connor chose this type of perspective to describe the actions of every character, but only focus on the grandmother’s thoughts and feelings. By using third-person limited point of view, the author is able to allow the characters to keep their internal thoughts to themselves. In doing so, he allows the reader to create them on their own. This technique is often called third-person subjective.

The family’s vehicle ends up in a ditch because the grandmother mistakenly believed led to a plantation, the Misfit does not have any choice but to execute this family, so he does. The Misfit eventually shot her three times in the chest. Lastly, the story finishes with The Misfit telling his buddies who returned from shooting the rest of the family.

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