A Genetically Modified Organism Can Lead to Disease

The ethical view of this mainly impacts people because they think of the possible allergies and diseases that could be contracted from this. The concern arose when someone began saying that by extracting DNA from one organism that may cause a person an allergic reaction, and establishing it into another organism the consumer would never know until they ingested it. As for the diseases that could be contracted, the idea came from the studies that showed that to create a genetically modified organism they would involve bacteria and viruses.

That if not mutated correctly could spread to the consumer and their body. Another ethical problem is the damages it may have on the environment. As of right now scientists and GM producers are using short term results s their basis of understanding of what will happen in the long term.

The fear that many people may have is that by injecting these organisms with other DNA you never know how big or how small they will grow affecting everything around them.

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Pesticides and herbicides are sometimes released onto the crop but can affect everything around them. Whether it be plants animals or even humans. “OUR PRIMARY HEALTH CARE SHOULD BEGIN ON THE FARM AND IN OUR HEARTS, AND NOT IN SOME LABORATORY OF THE BIOTECH AND PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES” -GARY HOPKINS When it comes to looking at the Social side of the spectrum, its very obvious that we gave genetically modified food all around us. Whether we choose to believe it or not at some point in our lives we have consumed a GM product at least once in our lives.

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On the positive side of the social spectrum, genetically modifying the food we eat can have a beneficial side to it. by genetically modifying organisms we can inject more nutrients and vitamins or even just enhance the taste of the food. These GM products can also help and benefit us in the long run.

The legal side of this is probably what least worries people. The only ways that this could be a legal issue is if the product is not labeled as a GMO when it is. Or it could be the complete opposite and the product could be labeled as a GMO when in reality its not. The other way this could become a legal issue is if the pesticide and or herbicide is spread to another area and kills or begins to affect the surrounding areas and living things around the GMO. But then again the only way that the chemicals could potentially spread is through drafts of wind and thats not predicted or purposely caused by the scientist or person modifying the organisms.

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