A Foundation Week Story Essay

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A Foundation Week Story

What is Foundation week? Other students celebrate it by not going to school because for them it’s the time of their rest day but other students celebrate it by going to school and hanging out with their friends. As students of College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, we celebrate Foundation week by making ourselves busy. On September 22, 2014, Monday, the programme starts with the Cultural Competition and due to our Anatomy Class we’re not able to watch the competition, on the afternoon, the search for MR. and MS. Batangas State University starts. At the end of the competition, MR. Malvar and MS. CEAFA got the title for MR. and MS. BSU 2014. On the Second day of the Foundation Week, September 23, 2014, Tuesday, the programme starts with the opening talk of the University President Dr. Tirso A. Ronquillo, on the same day we perform our Bench Yell and Launched the newest symbol of valor, “The Red Spartans” , the University’s official mascot which designed by Mr. John Jeffrey Alcantara were “The Red Spartans” define the values of BatStateU; Unity, courage, and excellence.

After that event we start our cooking for our Booth in the Students Fair, the third year BSND are the assigned in cooking, while second year students serves as their helping hands. On September 24, 2014, Wednesday, we need to go to school early for us to end up early our cooking session. On the same day, the opening of intramurals and cheerdance competition held, and due to our cooking we’re not able to watch the competition and according to other students who witnessed the competition, the Main Campus got the title. On September 25, 2014, Thursday, we started the day by cooking for our booth and end up the day by cleaning our booth. On September 26, 2014, Friday, Last day of the Foundation week, we started the day same as we started last Thursday, before the day ended up, the judges decided who has the best booth, and the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences won the title.

With the theme: “BatStateU @ 111: Gearing for the ASEAN Challenge of Excellence” , Foundation Week ended up successfully yet stressful but it helps us, the students, to apply what we are learning.

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