A Fire Abolished: Symbol in Wide Sargasso Sea

Flames can combust and fury, burst and quickly devouring everything in its way. It very well may be risky; devastating all that it comes into contact with. This bursting, possibly dangerous power can quickly transform objects into fiery remains and coals, yet flames can at present be totally doused. In Wide Sargasso Sea, a novel written by Jean Rhys, fire is an imperative image that is utilized all through the novel. Fire speaks to the threat and absence of security in Antoinette’s life.

In Antoinette’s life, things are continually evolving, unsafe, and energizing, however never consistent and dependable simply like flame which either consumes and devours or just gets covered into ashes.

The flame at Coulibri in the start of the novel acquaints the image of flame through an awful, unsteady, and hazardous occurrence in Antoinette’s adolescence. Since the start of the novel, Antoinette and her family live in dread of the black Jamaicans who “talk about {them} without stopping” and violently despise them(29).

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The flame in Coulibri is the point in the story where the steady dread the family lives in turns out to be genuine to Antoinette and increases into a disrupting and persistently enhanced bad dream.

The flame at Coulibri demonstrates the dread and flimsiness in Antoinette when she says,“But we could not move for they pressed too close round us. Some of them were laughing and waving sticks, some of the ones at the back were carrying flambeaux and it was light as day(38).

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Antoinette partners the horde of Black Jamaicans who swarm her with flame and consume her home with danger, fear, and the likelihood of being harmed or killed like her sibling. As a adolescent, having a vindictive and savage crowd of individuals attempting to hurt her and her family is something amazingly damaging, which has caused extraordinary dread and tension.

At this point Antoinette has “now turned too, the house was burning the yellow-red sky was like sunset and {she} knew that {she} would never see Coulibri again(41). This is the thing that sets Antoinette up for long lasting trepidation, a consistent sense that everything needs to dependably be intensified, and a conviction that there can’t be an existence without dread and threat.Due to this, she starts to expect that things must be shaky and it winds up typical for her to have a perilously uplifted life.

In the final scene of the novel, Antoinette is challenged with fire once more, but this time Antoinette ignites the flame herself.At this point in the novel, Antoinette has dropped into complete franticness, and she is treated as a madwoman. Nonetheless, one must perceive that this piece of the story is a standout amongst the most unstimulating and least hazardous focuses in Antoinette’s life, since Antoinette is bolted up and no longer living in dread of outside powers. Since Antoinette no longer has constant danger, fear, and excitement, she feels that she should create some action, and the manner in which that she does this is through fire.Before Antoinette lights the house ablaze, she gets some information about her red dress.

Antoinette says,“As soon as I turned the key I saw it hanging, the colour of fire and sunset”(166). Antoinette looks at her red dress to flame since it helps her to remember her life in Jamaica, which was loaded up with consistent agitation and emergency, something that she never again has in England. The red dress, with its red hot past and lifeless present symbolizes Antoinette’s inspiration for causing a flame, to convey some fervor to her once exciting and unsafe, presently unstimulating and dull life. As she sets flame to the house, Antoinette says, “I laughed when I saw the lovely colour [red] spreading so fast, but I did not stay to watch it”(169).

Rather than feeling dread or anguished when she sees fire, Antoinette delights towards this ‘stunning’ shading.Once Antoinette starts the fire she says, “There was a wall of fire protecting me”(170). It is now that Antoinette never again considers flame to be a frightful association with her past; she rather considers it to be a notice of the incitement that her past has, something that she needs to convey to her current uneventful life. Antoinette eventually utilizes flame to bring back what she misses throughout her life a consistent blast of energy, rather than the wore out coals she is left with.

Fires are difficult to contain, all devouring, and damagingly perilous but all image for dangers and precariousness in Antoinette’s life. Fire is a common image found all through the novel, and associates with Antoinette’s life that continually bursts and consumes. Toward the start of the novel, the fire at Coulibri makes dread and a requirement for unsteadiness in Antoinette’s life that endures for a mind-blowing duration. Antoinette’s relationship that creates with Mr. Rochester further powers her need to carry on with a dubious life. At long last, upon at long last having a feeling of dependability in her life, Antoinette makes a flame to reconnect her to the image that recently characterized her fervor and threat filled life. Flame is a characterizing part of Antoinette’s life contrarily, yet Antoinette eventually winds up reconnecting with flame affectionately, as an approach to recollect the existence that she once had, before diving into frenzy.

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