A Filmmaker With Desireable Difficulties

Reading, writing, and short-term memory are my most significant obstacles. I have two cysts on my brain that make these traits especially hard, and my attention disorder does not help. My elementary school peers laugh as I would read in front of the class or misspell simple words on the whiteboard. It’s tuff, but no one suspects these problems in conversation since I sound smart. My dad continually challenges my conversation and debating skills ever since my first words, but getting those words on paper is the problematic part.

Though the classroom is not a safe place for me, I found my niche. I was good at something no one could deny me from. Making movies. I did not have to read or write, at least not much. If I did, it did not matter because the only thing that truly mattered at that point, was pressing record and having fun.

I made everything from Rubber Chicken music videos to the horrors of haunted ping pong tables.

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I didn’t care about Mise-En-Scene! I created Avant-Garde, absurdist films shot on my iPod. As I take filmmaking seriously into high school, ill-prepared wacky guerrilla moviemaking is not accepted with my film program. I study rules, write scripts, learn production roles, analyze films, and struggle while trying. The end of this intense film program is in sight and last assignment approaches. A thesis film shot aboard. It was an optional assignment since it requires students to pitch for their roles. Out of a class of thirty, only eight students get to make the international film, this year in Isreal.

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I have to be one of those eight, but not just any crew member.

I want to direct. Preparation for this pivotal pitch included groggy, sleepless nights stuffed with hours of research on film elements and theory. I eagerly tried to figure out how my research would coincide with the script I had been reading over and over. This script held substance, complex concepts, and multi-dimensional characters. With bags under my eyes, I delivered a fifteen-minute presentation that articulated the vision I had been developing for weeks. Although the preparation took long, I knew it was not enough. I relied upon my oratory and debating skills to persuade the panel why I am the perfect fit for this project. Finally, I achieved my goal of green-lighting my vision for making a short film in Israel with a 100,000 dollar budget. Little did I know, I had barely scratched the surface of the work to come. David and Goliath is a non-fiction book written by Malcolm Gladwell.

It is a series of essays about different situations where underdogs preserver to come on top. Gladwell describes different true events and how disadvantaged people used that quilty to their advantage. In the book, Gladwell discusses desirable difficulties.   A desirable difficulty is a concept that when something is more difficult, people can adapt and learn better then if something were to be easy. In David and Goliath, Gladwell examines if dyslexia could be seen as a desirable difficulty. This may be the answer to why so many entrepreneurs are so successful. According to a study conducted by Julie Logan, a professor of entrepreneurship in the Cass Business School, “Thirty-five per cent of US entrepreneurs in the initial study have dyslexic traits: 22% report as highly dyslexic or extremely dyslexic” (Logan).

About a third of business owners identify as dyslexic compared with the ten percent of the overall population shown in Logan’s data. The an interview with Forbes magazine, Gladwell elaborates saying, “We see so many entrepreneurs who have dyslexia. When you talk to them, they will tell you that they succeeded not in spite of their disability, but because of it. For them, they view their disability as desirable … that suggests that the distribution of responses to an obstacle are profoundly bimodal. We pretend they are not” (Forbes). Many succeful people got to their place by accepting their adversity, while others believe that adversity is the cause of failure.

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