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A Few Out Of The Box Words About Design

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Essay, Pages 3 (614 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (614 words)

I would also like to suggest the following, from the perspective of an observant layperson. The dialogue between the Internet and patient engagement offers one of the most promising avenues for solving arguably the most personal and critical issue in the world today: how to achieve an ongoing, upward ascent in maintaining global good health. Educating the public in effective use is one aspect- excellence in design is other.

At the moment there is an overwhelming plethora of apps and providers all pitching their solutions.

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There is also a universe of different needs and healthcare contexts which are waiting to be served. Some people make a god of the Internet, spending hours and hours of time flitting like a giddy butterfly from one flower to another, one dazzling offer to the next, because the next might just be better -in search of which holy grail no.one yet knows. I would,like to suggest that the real holy grail is your time, brainpower and what you value the most.

I read a comment on Instagram recently “offline is the new luxury”. This is a timeous perception for me in a world where most people are working the Internet treadmill as mindlessly as mice.

The Internet marketing paradigm is a useful one here, especially since it is the software geeks who are really fuelling the fire of the patient engagement revolution. Recently there has been an IM product called Click Funnels which has taken this market by storm. I’m quite a cautious and skeptical person, however, this product serves as a very useful and timely analogy at this time – the success of which I believe patient engagement efforts could learn from.

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The focus it gives is this. The developer makes this statement: Every business on the planet needs Click Funnels. That’s quite a bold statement – but the amazing thing is that it’s also true. This software has been called a quantum move in the online marketing world.; for the reason that, because it has so simplified a previously time-consuming and relatively savvy game into 3 simple function click, drag and drop. This means that now the whole world can access a global market if they need to- without being tech-savvy, or having a lot of time either – and furthermore, they can hand over the task to their kids for some spare pocket money, if they want to. They have so clearly defined the sweet spot that most Internet consumers, whatever they are looking for, are prepared to engage within their hectic life schedule, that it has sparked a 1,2,3 make a fortune online revolution.

This is what is needed in patient engagement- digital platforms which are 1,2,3 easy to use, in order to empower the patient public on health issues.

Why do most people become internet marketers? This is also an important lifestyle lesson that could be applied to the patient engagement model. To earn enough money and to have enough time to spend it on the new luxury – offline time. This is the intention of any kind of digital support – to free you to do the things you love doing. This is also the intention of patient engagement to free you to pursue a healthy, happy lifestyle. So, any kind of design solutions should embrace this philosophy- ie investigate and interact in a way with patient needs through dialogue, and develop 1,2,3 solutions that they can click, drag and drop with whatever technology they are comfortable with – this might be an iPhone, iPad, computer, or even just a simple device for seniors.

Click Funnels has gone viral because of its simplicity, and their catchy and truthful message basically this: “everybody needs this”.

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