A Father's Day Special: Country Songs Dedicated to Dads

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Father’s Day is the when where we treat our fathers and take the time to appreciate their care and love for us. Just like our moms, they have worked hard for us to make our dreams come true, or provide us with what we need. It is not all the time that we appreciate what we have in life until it’s gone. Therefore, let’s spend this day treating the people we love at least once in our life.

But, if you can, why not celebrate it 365 times a day? Since this Sunday’s Father’s Day, we want to appreciate the love all the great fathers have given to their children. We put together country songs you can dedicate to your father or you can listen to to be reminded about the love of a father.

Country Songs for Father’s Day

Song For Dad

‘Keith Urban’s ‘Song For Dad’ is the perfect song to be played on this day.

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The words will definitely trigger a wonderful memory and emotion for you and your father. Urban’s song is one of the underrated singles since it was never released individually from its album, there was no commercial success for it. Despite the song not charting, it still has words that will move every listener.The song tells the story of a man who realized all the things his father has done for him. Furthermore, he found his father in him which definitely is a good thing to know.

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The wonderful song was penned by Urban. We could only say that he might have gotten his attitude, looks, and everything else from his father. Thanks to Urban’s dad, he turned out to be a great man and a talented singer.

You Should Be Here

The next song on our list is something that will surely bring you to tears. Even though we have lost someone we love, that doesn’t mean the love we have for them has to end. It’s there, it exists in between all the things we are doing. Love doesn’t live just because someone is physically with you. It exists no matter what. The next song was co-written by a country singer who suddenly lost his father.’You Should Be Here’ was released from Cole Swindell’s second album of the same title. He said that he wrote the song to honor his father, whom he unexpectedly lost. During his father’s death, Swindell was on tour right after he signed a contract. He wasn’t there with him, and that added to the pain of losing his dad. This tragic and painful song climbed the top of the country chart, giving Swindell his second number one on the Hot Country Songs. To everyone who lost someone, remember you’re not alone.’I wanted to write it, and he wanted to write it to where it was special to me but also where other people could relate. I’m not the only one who has ever lost somebody; I’m not the only one who was missing somebody. That’s what I love about country music, that’s what I love about songwriters, is being able to put out those words, those feelings. From the first lyric and note of the song, it’s got that feeling about it, and that’s what we tried to do.’ -Cole Swindell’s interview with the Boot.

Love Without End, Amen

A George Strait classic always has to be on any country song list, and that’s why his single ‘Love Without End, Amen’ is included in ours. His single was penned by Aaron Barker who took a piece of his memory to write such a wonderful song. Barker shared his songwriting process to Tennessean, saying, that the song happened when he had to be tough to his son after accidentally hitting a brand new Porsche. After the incident, he wasn’t sure if what he did to his son was right, and so he prayed to God for answer and guidance, which ended up being a song. ‘But the question I was asking is, ‘How can you be that mad at somebody and still love them that much? Where does that ability come from?’ It’s in us all. So I got the guitar and I’m playing and praying and thinking, looking for this answer, and this song was the answer to it. It was: ‘That’s the way God loves us. ‘Strait’s single stayed on top of the country chart for five weeks.

Drive (For Daddy Gene)

One of the best things about a song is the story behind its making. Everyone likes a good old story as to why the songwriter wrote that song, and Alan Jackson’s ‘Drive (For Daddy Gene)’ has a wonderful story. In 2000, Jackson lost his father, with whom he had great memories with and loved. He showed his love by honoring his dad by writing a song for him.’Drive (For Daddy Gene)’ shares the story of a young boy who remembers his time with his father, and all those memories he had of him were wonderful. As the song goes on, the narrator promised to make beautiful memories with his daughter, just like what he had with his father. Jackson’s single reached number one the country chart and number twenty-eight on the pop chart.

Daddy’s Hands

The last single on our list is one written by Holly Dunn for her father. The wonderful words to the song were her gift to her dad. Despite being the songwriter, she wasn’t the first artist to record it. However, when the song failed to be released, she took it and made the song her signature single. She instantly recognized that people responded to it. They felt the emotions she felt when she wrote the song.

Daddy’s hands were soft and kind when

I was cryin’Daddy’s hands were hard as steel when

I’d done wrong

Daddy’s hands weren’t always gentle but

I’ve come to understand

There was always love in daddy’s hands…

Holly Dunn’s single reached number seven on the country chart. In addition, her song was taken from her eponymous album in 1986.

Now it’s time to celebrate this day with your father, the man who worked hard to give you a beautiful life.  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in the world, to those who are gone, and to those who are about to be.

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