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A Diverse Workforce

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 6 (1280 words)
Categories: Business, Economics, Employment, Human Resource Management, Management, Work, Workforce
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1.1: 3 organisation benefits of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce

In this era of economic globalization, many companies are making efforts to achieve workforce diversity, which aims to employ workers from different backgrounds to provide tangible and intangible benefits to the organization. Understanding the advantages of workforce diversity helps an organization to establish with a competitive edge. This can include employing workers with cultural and language skills that can lead to greater reach for the business.

3 organisation benefits of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce

1: Increase in Productivity
Workforce diversity can bring about an increase in productivity and competitive advantages.

Employers can offer more solutions to customers because of new ideas and processes brought into the organization. Workplace diversity increases employee morale and causes employees to desire to work more effectively and efficiently.

2: Increase in Creativity

Workforce diversity increases creativity within a company because people coming from many cultures can give many ideas and their own experience. Employees from different backgrounds bring in a variety of solutions on how to achieve a common goal.

In atmospheres when brainstorming is necessary, more ideas are formed because team members are culturally diverse. For example, employees from China working in American companies may approach a problem totally differently than do American workers.

3: Positive Reputation

Job seekers are drawn to companies with diverse workforces because it is evident that the companies do not practice employment discrimination. Potential employees would want to know that employers treat their staff fairly regardless of race, ethnicity or gender. Not only are such firms able to attract new talent but they can also retain existing talent because of high employee morale resulting from workforce diversity.

1.2: 4 factors that affect an organisation’s approach to attracting talent

1: Selecting choice of advertisement: this is a wide area to attract new recruits by posting adverts in professional recruitment agencies like Berkley Scott or Reed.

2: Company branding and the state of business: many companies show income statement on the Internet and their mission plan for the next few years, which mainly includes quality plans for employees.

3: Learning and Development: nowadays companies like The Doyle Collection or McDonald’s are involved in many apprenticeships programme and they are encouraging by funding people in any age to go for degree or to take up professional qualifications.

4: Type of role: many employers reduces the roles within an organization and they are creating the job portfolio roles e.g. Payroll with accounts assisting, which is more paid and it is more motivating for individuals.

1.3: 3 factors that affect an organisation’s approach to recruitment and selection:

Proactive human resource professionals understand the various internal and external factors influencing recruitment. When conditions change in the marketplace, the company needs to monitor these changes to determine how it affects the talent pool. The company also needs to analyze internal functions to see what helps and hinders effective recruitment.

1.Personnel Utilization:

A company can avoid having to hire new employees by monitoring the skill sets of existing employees. For example, if you are opening a new sales division that focuses on a new family of products, then you may be able to utilize your current sales staff to provide the startup sales professionals the new group will need. The success of the new department will necessitate the need for recruiting outside representatives at some point in the future, but you can save on startup costs by utilizing existing personnel.


The concept of outsourcing activities that are not a company’s core competency is an internal business practice that affects recruiting. For example, a food processing company would hire an outside IT firm to install and administer the company’s computer network because computers are not the food processing company’s core competency. When companies outsource, that reduces the need for recruiting new employees. The human resources department will have to shift resources away from recruiting for the outsourced functions, and focus on supplying employment candidates for the company’s core business units.

3: Competition:

Companies within the same industry are competing for qualified candidates to ensure future growth. There is competition in the recruiting end of your business just as there is in selling products. You need to analyze what your competition is offering new employees, and try to develop a competitive package to lure in the talent that you need.

2.1 Describe the benefits of at least

3 different recruitment methods 1: Internal Recruitment: benefit is cheaper and quicker to recruit. People are already familiar with the business and how it operates. It can be motivating as it provides opportunities for promotion with in the business. Organization is already aware of the strength and weaknesses of candidates. Easy to pick up the best talents within an organization. It builds a long relationship with employees. 2: External Recruitment: The benefit is the outside people bring in new ideas. You get a larger pool of workers from which you can select the best candidate. Candidates will have a wider range of experience. Uniqueness in employees worked for different companies can take the company to an extra mile. 3: Third-Party Sourcing: Third party sourcing involves using a placement agency or headhunter to find qualified job candidates. These third-party sources use various techniques and tools to find appropriate job applicants, such as extending offers of improved salary compensation and more flexible benefits packages.

1.3: benefits of at least 3 different selection methods.
1.Lower employee turnover rate.

2.Picking the right employee from the start saves time and money.

3.Positions are staffed with competent employees.

4.1: 3 purposes of induction and how they benefit individuals and organisations.

1.It is a process of bringing/introducing/familiarizing a new recruit into the organization. 2. Company orientation i.e. showing how the employee fits into the team and how their role fits with the organization’s strategy and goals. 3. Details of the organization’s history, its culture and values, and its products and services.

Benefits for individuals:

The employee will feel welcomed into the organization, be respected and be made to feel more comfortable in the workplace. An individual will also find it easier to integrate into the workplace. 

 New employee will feel that they made the right decision to join a particular organization. 

 A good induction programme will help to build the new employee’s self-esteem, morale and sense of motivation. An induction programme will establish good communication between the manager or the supervisor and the new employee from the very beginning.

Benefits for the organization:

Increase productivity;
Reduce wastage through correct material utilization;
Reduce incidents & accident

The Bristol Hotel
New Employee Induction Plan
Friday 30/09/10
Areas Covered
Action Required
By Whom
9.00 – 10.30

Welcome and Introductions

Introduce Line manager and colleagues. Welcome and introduction to the department. i.e. direct reports, rosters, procedures and service standards. HR Manager, Line Manager


Walk the property

Fire Drill procedure explained. Employee is aware of meeting point in event of a fire. Employee is aware of location of all fire exits. Knowledge of nearest fire fighting equipment to work area and explanation of colour coding

Director Operations


Health & Safety Policy
Health and safety requirements explained. Introduction to First Aider and Health and Safety representatives. Lifting techniques explained. Safety equipment issued.

Health & Safety Officer


Issue of employee handbook. Conditions of employment explained. Confirmation of when full employment would begin, i.e. probationary period ends. Pay rates, periods, absence pay and reporting policy. Grievance procedure explained. Employee records completed. Bank details form completed. Driving licence checked. Start letter, P45 to payroll

HR Manager


Catch up
Taking feedback on department, comfortability
GM, Director Operations

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