A Discussion on Whether Cats or Dogs are Better Pets

Cats? Dogs? Some favor one over the other, and some love both. Which pet is truly the better companion? Well if you are looking for a pal that will curl up next to you while you read that favorite novel of yours for hours, then a cat may just be for you. No need to worry about taking a cat out for walks or to do its business. A cat will be content with staying indoors and lazing around the house.

This is especially nice for those that live in Wisconsin. There is no need to leave you’re cozy warm home to go outside in the middle of winter to take your cat out. If a pet that will sit nicely on your lap without moving around too much or being too big is a dream of yours then a cat is absolutely perfect. Vacations? Not a problem! Since cats are so independent, they can basically be left alone the entire time you are away as long as plenty of food and water is left out.

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Having a friend or neighbor stop by to check on your furry friend a couple times while you are away will be enough. No worries! Dogs, on the other hand, will not question authority, and if you train them, they will do exactly what they are told to do. Because dogs come in many different sizes, there are dogs to suit any dog lover out there. Whether you want a large dog to guard your home, a small dog to keep you company or a dog that is somewhere in VanDeuren 2 between, you will have no trouble finding one just for you.

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Unlike cats, dogs do require a lot of attention. They need to be watched constantly and must be taken out for walks regularly. Dogs also cannot be trained to do its business in a litter box.

However, dogs will respond promptly to their owner’s every command and will always be extremely loyal. Having a dog is quite similar to having a child. It cannot be left alone for very long and will get bored easily and can even make quite a mess in the house. They are also much louder than cats. So if you are one to enjoy peace and quiet all the time then a dog may not be for you. They will bark at almost anything, whether it is some one at the door, or even a person just walking by.

Whichever you choose, dog or cat, both make great, loving pets that will surely keep you plenty of company and make life a little less lonely or a beloved added member to any family. They will teach you how to be more responsible and are good practice before having children. The choice you make all depends on how much effort you want to put forth.

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