A Discussion on the Reasons for the Elimination of Sugar from Our Daily Diets

Sugar has become a very important part of our routine diet. It is so entwined with our diets that one cannot easily eliminate sugar directly from their food. This increased intake of sugar has become reason of various diseases and health risks like diabetes, obesity, overloading the liver and many more. This paper will discuss some solid reasons why it is necessary to eliminate sugar from our daily diets to prevent health risks. It will also give a brief idea about how sugar affects our brain functions and increased intake of it can cause addiction like nicotine, cocaine and other drug abuse do.

This paper has also discussed some counterarguments along with rebuttals about how one should maintain sugar intake in their routine diets.

Added sugar carries higher health risks. Our modern diet includes high sugar which has threatening effects on metabolism and also plays an important role behind all kind of diseases. The number of researches has been done which proved that sugar intake in our diet is the reason behind obesity epidemic, diabetes[Kri132].

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Sugar is processed in soft drinks, sports drinks, juices and many other foods. Added sugar is called empty calories also. They are known as empty calories because they include huge amount of calories without any necessary nutrients. They do not include any essential proteins, fats and not even minerals or vitamins. These calories are direct form of energy. This lack of nutrients in the sugar can cause nutrients deficiency when people intake sugar in form of calories by approximately 10-20%[The111].

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Because of its energy which is easily digestible by the bacteria in the mouth, it causes tooth decay too.

Sugar breaks down into glucose and fructose after going into the digestive tract. Glucose already exist in every living organism cell whereas Fructose is not a physiological need. Our liver can metabolize the fructose in a certain amount. But if this amount is increased, liver will overloaded with fructose and forced to metabolize it into fat. It can also cause fatty liver and other root causes for severe health risks. It can cause non alcoholic fatty liverdisease because of the fat lodging in the liver[Nan14]. This overloading of liver is more visible in people who are physically inactive. Physically active people have more capacity to tolerate sugar.

Main threat of the increased sugar inside the body is when our body becomes insulin resistant. It is caused because of the high consumption of sugar. Insulin resistance of cell will create dysfunction in metabolism and resulting into diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome[Nan14]. Insulin is the hormone which triggers the growth of cells. If there are constantly increased level of insulin, there can be chances that it will trigger the uncontrollable growth of cells causing cancer. Thus, increased sugar intake can also lead you to the cancer. People who have higher amount of sugar in their diets are more at risk of getting cancer due to dysfunctional metabolism and elevated levels of insulin.

Regardless of age, if person is consuming the most sugar are at higher risk of getting fat or obese. Heart diseases which were supposed to cause due to extra fat in your body also occurs due to sugar[Sha]. Saturated fat should not be blamed for the heart diseases. Risks of getting heart disease are higher to the people who consume more sugar because it affects the metabolism. Children are also prone to obesity and heart disease because beverages, candies and other products are sugar-sweetened[Jul141]. It also alters the brain receptors and causes the fastest weight gaining in the person consuming the sugar.

One can become highly addictive to sugar. There are some mechanisms taking place inside the brain after the sugar consumption. Sugar shows the impact on the reward centers inside the brain. It also triggers the released of dopamine which is also known as happy hormone. Higher the amount of sugar intake more is the regulating of dopamine receptors[Sha). Each time when we will consume sugar, we will tend to eat more of it because of these mechanisms going in our mind. These mechanisms are exactly to the one which takes place after drug abuse. It is noticed that when person cuts down from sugar in their diet, they tend to increase the amount of intake when they lose control. This also might lead to full blown addiction to sugar. Addiction to sugar can alter the behavior of the person[Fru101][Nan14]. Moderate intake of sugar does not resolve the issue of addiction in the people. Because it will constantly keep releasing the dopamine and one can keep consuming sugar due to these hormone reactions. Only way to prevent this harms is abstinence. Sugar detox can be also helpful in reducing the weight and puts an end for the craving of sugar and other sweetened products.

Diseases like Type-II diabetes, fatty liver, obesity which are caused by sugar consumption are already mentioned in previous paragraphs of this essay. Other than these diseases, there are also other severe health risks which are expected along with sugar consumption. If insulin resistance takes place inside the pregnant woman then fetus is at higher risk[ANT15]. It is harmful for the fetus and its development as well. Sugar molecules form chemical bonds which have ability to alter the genes. It will show different gene expressions later on and it can result into the permanent defects in the baby. When a pregnant woman is taking excess of sugar, she will be storing glucose in her blood. This will lead to the baby with the higher stored body fat. Also baby will be larger in size even before the gestation date. Sugar intake during the pregnancy will also cause nutrient deficiency and can be harmful for mother as well as her baby.

Intake of sugar varies from one person to other. Even if one person is consuming more amount of sugar but he is physically active then chances of adverse effects of sugar are less. Meanwhile, physically inactive person is less tolerant towards the consumption of sugar. Sugar is essential in for our balanced health[Why131]. If not added sugar then one should consume food which can later on breaks down to produce sugar molecules. Sugar, which is consists of glucose, fructose and galactose are the form of carbohydrates which are required by our body. The intake of sugar will work as a fuel energy which is stored inside our body. It forms glycogen molecules which will later on breaks down to provide energy when our body is out of any other primary source of energy.

Despite of all these requirements of sugar in a human body, risk of diseases are more linked to sugar. Obesity, risks of defects in babies, chances of triggering cancer, insulin resistance, diabetes are all the huge threats to the health of an individual consuming sugar. Therefore, intake of sugar should be completely eliminated to maintain a proper health.

This essay included all the aspects which proves that why one should eliminate sugar from their diet completely. For the well-being of one’s health it is necessary that consumption of sugar should be reduced or stopped completely to prevent associated health risks with sugar. Sugar which has become vital part of the modern diet has very harmful effects on the health of human regardless of their age. Sweetened products, beverages, soft drinks are processed with the high amount of sugar. These products provides direct sugar to our body and gives us ’empty calories’ in which nutrients like fat, minerals and proteins are completely absent. Sugar is harmful for the all-age groups. Children are more likely to get addicted to sugar to more consumption of sweetened products. They also face tooth decay because of harmful bacteria caused by intake of sugar.

In adults, higher consumption of sugar brings risk of diseases which are chronic. Diseases like type-II diabetes which can lead to permanent blindness can be the best example to prove how dangerous sugar consumption might get. Insulin resistance also affects the metabolism of our body. Stored fat was blamed for the heart diseases but real reason behind them is sugar. It also affects liver by overloading it with fructose. Excess intake of sugar will produce more amount of fructose which cannot be metabolize by the liver. This will force liver to directly convert it into fat leading to the fatty tissues which are stored in liver and causes harm to our body. Sugar consumption has same effect on our brain like nicotine and cocaine does. They stimulate the brain receptors and produce dopamine. This will cause a full blown addiction to sugar which is very dangerous because person will keep increasing the amount of sugar he intakes. There are some counterarguments to show how sugar is essential to our body but if we conclude the overall effects of sugar in our body it will display more number of cons instead of pros of the sugar. Therefore, for the betterment of the health it is necessary to eliminate sugar from our diets.



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A Discussion on the Reasons for the Elimination of Sugar from Our Daily Diets

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