A Discussion on the Importance of Forests to Man, Animals, and the Environment

Importance of forests

Forest occupy a vast area of land in the world. These lands are covered with trees, bushes and are home to wild animals and in some cases natives as well. In this essay, the importance of forests will be discussed.

The prehistoric man used trees to build houses, boats and so on. The modern man is no less dependent on wood. Woodcutters still depend on trees to earn a living and the demand of wood in increasing to make furniture and even houses.

Man has now realized the importance of forests because the felling of trees resulted in global warming which can worsen if deforestation is done continuously.

Also, forests are habitats to a large number of animals such as the lions, gorillas, monkeys and so on. Without forests, such animals would have become extinct. They live better in their natural habitat and can easily hunt for food. Moreover, forests attract many activities such as hiking which can enable people to explore the beauty of nature.

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Safari in Africa enables people to discover wild animals in their natural habitat.

Forests are home to medicinal plants which can help to cure people. For example, cocaine is used as an anesthesia. Forests are thus a secured place for animals, plants and forms an inseparable part in nature and in the life of human beings. Without forests, everywhere would be dull. Forests beautify the environment and help restore species that are in danger of extinction.

Forests, thus have several importance as discussed in the essay.

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Man has now realized the importance of forests and there is not afforestation in some areas. Also, schools are showing their concerns for restoring forests by carrying out ‘green school projects to raise awareness of the importance of plants through research and planting of flowers in the school compound.

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