Ineffective Parent-Teacher Methods for Low-Achieving Children?

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The problem with the American school system stems from the ineffectiveness of the teachers and the inability of parents to deal with their children who are struggling but do not receive the right help until it is too late. In particular, students will dropout or give up on their educational and career goals because of one bad grade, which results from the defective educational system in America, which is ranked by the PISA Programme for International Student Assessment) at the level of 38″ in math and 24 in science out of 71 countries.

Therefore, the students’ success rates are so low in American schools because of the lack of parental involvement, teachers’ ineffective
methods of instruction due to little to no pay,school have no money to have better educational program for the student , and the lack of motivation and determination from students to work hard, to think, and to unlock their infinite potential, Overall, this will also discuss possible solutions to this educational dilemma by considering more parental involvement at home, new teaching methods based on technology that instill confidence and motivation into the student, and improving the students’ study habits and simplifying career goals.

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Lack of parental involvement is a major cause of low students’ success rates. “Parent Involvement Matters”) video defines the research in the past thirty years has shown that the child is more likely to succeed and to improve in the following ways: get better grades, score higher, attend school regularly, have better social skills, get homework done, become more positive about school and is more likely to graduate and attend college when the parent are involve.

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In addition, parents can be involved in these groups in school without worrying about socioeconomic backgrounds because of freedom in America. In fact, parents are encouraged to join groups at school, build relatnships with child’s teachers, talk to their children everyday afterschool, read to their children, become actively involved in homework coaching, and keep learning active and fun at home. Therefore, it is crucial for parents to realize that their children’s education matters because their children’s futures are on the line. Thus, school is most. important, and so parents need to be stronger and active advocates for their children’s success in school.

The lack of motivation of the students is due to their lack of interest in learning, This continuing focus of debate between the educational community for some parents other reasons include the school not adapting to these social changes and the teachers who stubbornly stick to the old ways of teaching. For example, Delphine, Scott, Leanne, and Sophia illustrate the principles of constructivism as it compares to traditional teaching methods. In particular, they show that constructivism involves a more active participation of the students, a guiding role of the teacher in helping and motivating the students to perform their own tasks without micromanagement, and less dependence on pure memorization and more on creative thinking and problem-solving, Furthermore, according to teachers, the real reason for a low-ranking educational system in America is due to the parents, who neither instill nor motivate their children to explore their full potential because of lack of attention from the parents, who are either too busy or do not care things and to continue this through more competitions. Therefore, every student has a natural talent that can be unlocked through a positive mindset and motivation to succeed, every student has the potential to do well by removing their worries in order for easier access to such passions.

From my own experience in the field of education, I gentely believe that improving the educational system requires a collaborative effort among the parents, teachers, and students, Schools should create supportive academic groups in order to create cooperation and collaboration in order to improve the students’ overall academic abilities and potential. Peer academic support groups can be motivated by giving the peer mentors extra credit in order to boost their academic grades in their particular subject of expertise, As a result, the peer mentors would be more inclined to help out other students in need.

Schools should foster cooperation and altruistic tendencies in the students? population rather than encourage negativity and competition, which causes a bell curve effect that leads to only a small percentage of students doing well while the rest suffer at the average and below. An example of a student overcoming the normative pressures of
school is the story of Eddy Zhong, who did not do that well in schoo! until he successfully won a business competition that sparked his intense passion to create. School must create multiple dimension such as creating demanding learning environment that support the student to make the most of educational opportunities identify student with low grades and targeted support by creating groups the support them for example the student good and math can help those who do not.

From the above examples and analysis, it is clearly evident that students’ low success rates in school result from lack of parental involvement, teachers’ ineffective methods of instruction, and lack of motivation and determination from the student. As a result, this can be resolved through teamwork among the parents, teachers, and students who realize that doing well in schoo! requires active participation and critical thinking skills that can be developed through new methods of teaching (i.e. constructivism) and through students’ positive mindset to unlock their infinite potential by following their passion and interests. Thus, every student can succeed by developing a positive mindset
that will help them to build inner self-confidence and motivation to want to succeed no matter the circumstances because of an intense desire to follow their hearts and passions. Overall, this collaboration among parents, teachers, and students will ultimately improve the data of students’ scores.

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