A Discussion of the Three Advancement Opportunities in My Nursing Profession

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Being a professional nurse with a BSN attracts significant benefits, which improves an individual focus and delivery of quality nursing care services due to improved focus on skills, regarding the key strategies that can be effectively taken into consideration to improve patient care, A professional nurse who has a BSN qualification is a highly engaged healthcare provider who understands clearly the needs of patients due to significant focus on developing a clear operational strategy under which they can offer quality services (Black, 2016).

ABSN curriculum teaches more than just clinical skills, which helps in developing a more round, and diverse healthcare professional who is able to handle different health situation based on the context due to high level focus under which they have a clear professional understanding on what needs to be done within a particular healthcare environment. Communication, critical thinking skills and leadership skills are crucial concepts that are more emphasized apart from the clinical skills. Getting a BSN as a nurse creates a better environment where it is better to consider career development in different nursing care field since it opens significant opportunities, which are lucrative and help improve public health through quality care delivery.

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Career development is an important aspect that creates a significant focus under which it is possible to have a higher-level focus on improving the quality of clinical service delivery by integration of important points due to a higher understanding on the patient needs (Riley, 2015).

A nursing care leader and manager are two critical positions within a healthcare system where each strive to improve the operational environment where it would be possible to ensure a conducive environment under which it would be possible to achieve significant quality healthcare success.

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A nurse manager holds an executive position and has decision-making powers and control over important decisions regarding delivery of quality healthcare services. A nurse leader does not have a recognized position within an institution but is influential in coordinating the quality of care through effective communication as well as good interpersonal skills (Amold & Boggs, 2015).

Nurses are able to demonstrate leadership skills at any level and itis usually a sign of effective understanding of underlying responsibilities of a nursing care provider. A nurse manager has a more focus on a large group where they are effective when they have the ability to motivate others by displaying a wider range of leadership skills that are crucial in quality healthcare delivery. Having a well-organized and effective team requires effective management skills that need to be considered in ensuring a high-level focus under which nurses understand what needs to be done within a given context (Cherry & Jacob, 2016).

Describe the track that you are more inclined to pursue and a theoretical nursing foundation most likely to influence your practice. Provide reasons for your choice. 1am more inclined to pursue clinical management track. A higher-level focus on the need to improve the quality of healthcare depends on the decisions that are made by nurse managers through effective and critical focus on teamwork that integrates different thoughts with an aim of developing a highly influential focus under which better decisions can be made within a given healthcare environment. Being influential is key especially when focusing on important strategies that can be put in place to ensure that there is quality clinical service delivery. Leadership usually an underlying nursing skill that should be practices by every nursing care provider although there exist different levels of focus where nurses are able to infl ers in delivering quality services.

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