A Discussion of the Reasons Why People Go to College

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One main reason is to increase their chances of getting a job. Most employers will hire a person with a college degree. Some believe that if a person goes through all the trouble of going to college, this might mean he will work harder and better. Another main reason is the salary. Jobs that require a college degree will command a very high salary. For example, an electrical engineer could make over $30,000 a year. Some other reasons might be because a person likes to learn, to update their education, to meet boyfriends or girlfriends.

Sometimes parents want their children to have a college degree.

With the increasing cost of education and more and more women entering the job market, going to college might not be worth it. The reason is because by the time we get out of college, no jobs will be left. Many students who get a college degree won’t be able to get a job that he or she wanted because they couldn’t find a job.

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They are forced to take a job with pay much lower than expected and possibly the job doesn’t require a college degree.

Is a college degree really necessary? Well, it really depends on what kind of job you want. Some jobs that require only a high school education pay almost as well as a person with a college degree. Such jobs are plumbers or garbage men. The jobs may be messy, but it is worth it because of the salary.

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I think going to college for at least two years is better than a high school education. The reason why is because an employer would rather hire a person with a college education than a high school education. So I think having a college degree is necessary to increase your chances of getting a job.

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