A Discussion About the Advantages and Disadvantages of Vegetarianism

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The decision to eat vegetables, instead of meat, is morally and ethically correct. Do you think the
benefits of vegetarianism outweigh the disadvantages?
It is not uncommon to see many people abandoning the tradition of eating meat and choose to be a vegetarian. They claim that eating vegetables may contribute to the animal welfare and is ethically correct. However, I doubt the feasibility and validity of vegetarianism in the whole societies.

Eating meat is still inevitable in some of the places and circumstances.

People living in deserts and polar continents, for example, can barely grow corps and vegetables. Hunting and fishing usually become the only choices to harvest food resources from nature. People under those circumstances depend on meat to survive.

Strict vegetarianism, on the other hand, may be harmful to the health of vegans, too. Most vegetables have few or even no protein at all. Eating only vegetables may lead to malnutrition and may slow down physical development of children.

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The vegetarians, more often than not, may argue that not eating meat can protect wild animals from being hunted, killed, and tortured. However, meat consumption may not threat the ecosystem, since the meat consumed everyday mostly comes from the herds raised specifically for food supplies. Besides, the applications of new technologies in raising and slaughtering may make animals feel better in the process of raising and terminating.

In conclusion, animal meat is still an important source of food and nutrition in our society. Even though some individuals insist on vegetarianism, it seems unrealistic for all of us to give up eating meat.

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Animal welfare can be assured by adopting new technologies and improving the raising conditions.

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