A Development of a Training Program for Playing Basketball

In this paper I will be developing a training program for playing basketball. My purpose for training is to make others and myself better at playing the game. I will show my trainees all the techniques there is to playing the game. I will also make sure that they have skills and knowledge about basketball so that they will be great players.

The knowledge skills and abilities that the trainees should have when trained should be that they know how to be a team player.

I want them to realize that this is not a one mans game but a teams game. They know their places on the court (depending on your position). The players should always know where to be on the court when they are playing. The skills they have should be shooting, dribbling, jumping, playing defense. A player needs all four of these skills in order to play the game at all. They also should be mentally and physically tough.

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This game is a rough game and its fast paced and you have to have strength physically. At game time you always have to stay focused mentally.

The methods that I would choose to use would be apprentice system, job rotation, and audiovisual material. In the first method that I going to use is the apprentice system which is the method of training in which the trainee learns to perform a job by serving under supervision of an experienced worker who provides guidance, direction, and support. I will have all the experienced players pair up with the new players and have the experienced teach the trainees what they know about basketball.

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The experience will take the trainees under their wing and teach them the trick and trades of the game. This method is good because the trainees get to be with people who know the game and can relate to the situation of being new to the game. I also say that this is an effective way because you also have a one on one basis there is no one else that you might have to slow down your pace because it is just you and the trainer. This is also a good method because the trainee gets more attention on one on one basis as to a group of trainees learning. In this type of training they can learn their skills such as dribbling, shooting, jumping and playing defense. In a training method such as this you can easily teach a trainee the techniques of above. You can have them get better by them keep practicing and the fact that they dont have to wait on other trainee to learn they can just advance.

The next method I have chosen is job rotation, which is a method of learning two or more jobs by performing them in sequence. This method can be used in my training program because a basketball player needs to learn different positions to play on the court. He or she needs to learn other positions because one of their teammates may be hurt and/or suspended. Thus would mean a player would have to fulfill the shoes of his or her teammate. So the trainees would learn the positions that they will be playing and that of another. That way we will always have a back up plan if something does go wrong when it comes down to game time. In this method the trainees will learn the positions they will be on the court and also the positions they would have to be if they had to fulfill another players shoes.

Audiovisual material is another method I would use in my training program. Audiovisual material includes films, slides, and videotapes. I would first make my trainees watch a video on teamwork and sportsman ship because you cant have a great team without it. Once they learn about teamwork and sportsmanship. I will put in a tape about the physical and mental strength you will have to have in order to play the game. This is one key factor of playing any sport. I truly feel without physical and mental strength it may become harder to be a good athlete.

The criteria that I would use to evaluate the training effectiveness are reaction, and learning. The reaction criteria is a standard for judging the effectiveness of training that refers to the reaction or feelings of individuals about the training they received. I could have each trainee fill out an evaluation form about the program out. I would want the players to tell me what I should improve in my training program. The things they dislike and the things that they liked. They could tell me how my training helps them become a better person/player. I want to make my program better as there are more trainees to train. The only way that I could improve is to get reaction from the trainees.

The other criteria are the learning criteria. The learning criteria is a standard for judging the effectiveness of training that refers to the amount of new knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired through training. At the end of the training I would have the players perform little activities that would access their knowledge of dribbling, jumping, shooting and defense playing. I also have them play games to show me they have learned their positions. Then I would give them written test to see how well they picked up on teamwork. I would see if they have picked up the knowledge, skills and abilities that I trained them to do by accessing the learning criteria.

I feel that my training program should teach the players how to be a team player. They should know how to dribble, shoot, play defense, and jump. They should also know that basketball takes mental and physical strength. They should know that there is more to basketball then shooting a ball. My trainees will be the best they can be with great sportsmanship if the program is done right.

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