A Desire to Pursue My Interest and Love for Writing Scripts and Making Videos

For a long time now I’ve loved writing scripts and making videos. In fifth grade my neighbors and I even made videos which I would record and edit. While all my friends were out playing sports I would be the one making and editing videos inside, it was my hobby unlike my athletic friends. I come from a family that is very artsy and technophile. My father, an elementary RE. coach, makes videos for their school of their dances and fifth grade graduation.

One of my sisters is also currently going to Oklahoma University and majoring in Broadcast and Electronic Media. I guess you can say l’ve learned to love making and editing videos from them. In eighth grade while deciding “whatl want to be when I grow up” producing and directing came to mind. It’s something 1 love so much 1 can see myself doing it my whole life.

Another thing I’ve yet to mention is my love for writing and theatre.

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I‘ve always enjoyed and loved both writing and the theatre especially when i get to combine the two. There both really important and their also something I’d love to incorporate in my future job. In order to accomplish my dreams in one day writing and/or directing movies 1 think going to Wuuche will get me a accomplish my dreams faster. Wunche provides things my regular school doesn’t which would be a wonderful thing to include on future job resumes. I hope i can show you my work and the love i have for media technology.

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