A Description of the Experience in the Community Service in Salvation Army

Community service gave me an exciting experience at Salvation Army where I was engaged for five days. While I was at Salvation Army for the community service, I was mainly racking clothes and helping in other minor jobs as I would do. This is a place I have known for many years and always wanted to participate in community building one day. Salvation had everything I wanted to do in terms of community service. Well, I had a rough idea about community service and I really got the experience I was anticipating.

I have been a volunteer at Salvation Army for quite a number of times; thereby, nothing got me by surprise. I loved everything about community service, and I really got into the system very easily. Now that I knew what I would expect, I did not take long adjusting to the new environment.

It is no doubt that I will do community service over and over again. It is not only a hobby or a career but something I would love to do as a profession.

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Given another opportunity, I will not hesitate to render my services without reserve. I am always committed to a good cause and will not let such opportunities bypass me. Community service is very important because it prepares an individual to different areas in life. You get to learn from others as they learn from you as well. It is good for the community development and promoting harmonious co-existence. It is the way of giving back to the society and can also be used to bring up other people in different areas, other than what I was doing.

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Reaching out to other people should not be seen as an expense but should be taken as a boost to personal development. The more people we help, the more we grow and develop in different areas.

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