A Definition of Cinematic Design

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An open frame is generally employed in films, while a closed frame is generally employed in films. realistic; antirealistic

Which of the following statements about mise-en-scène is NOT true? Mise-en-scène has two visual components: lighting and movement.

Composition is part of the process of planning the design of a movie. When visualizing and planning shots, filmmakers must make decisions about two elements of composition: what we see on screen and what moves on screen. What are these two elements commonly called? framing and kinesis

Which of the following statements about the production designer is NOT true? The production designer is hired relatively late in the production process.

An important movement in art direction that sought to articulate human feeling and emotion through design elements such as structure, color, and texture with grossly exaggerated film sets is known as expressionism. Which of the following stills represents expressionism: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Some of the departments the production designer supervises include carpentry, properties, and transportation.

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What is figure movement? the movement of something concrete within the frame

Consider carefully the details of the mise-en-scène in the following clips. Based on the mise-en-scène, which do you think belongs to a dystopian futuristic narrative inhabited by mostly one-dimensional characters? Bartholomew’s Song

Unlike a static painting or picture, a motion picture move and thus shift its point of view. Point of view is implied by the framing of a shot.

What are three elements that describe neorealism? nonprofessional actors; location sets; handheld camera

The planning of the positions and movements of the actors and camera is called blocking.

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The two fundamental styles of design established in early motion pictures are the ___________ associated with the Lumière brothers and the ____________ associated with Georges Méliès. realistic; fantastic

This chapter’s analysis of Chinatown describes a shot in which no one is in the frame, then suddenly a puff of smoke enters the left side of the frame. This is an example of filmmakers using both on-screen and offscreen space. Which of the following clips also uses on-screen and offscreen space? Kleingeld

What are the major elements of cinematic design? setting; decor; properties; lighting; costume; makeup; hairstyle

The organization, distribution, balance, movement, and general relationship of actors and objects within the space of a shot is called composition.

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A Definition of Cinematic Design

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