A defined set of objectives Essay

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A defined set of objectives

Every conscious human being lives his or her life towards a defined set of objectives. Be it a desire to have a happy family, to land a dream job or to amass material wealth, everybody has something to live towards. In the event that those objectives or personal desires are not met, that state is what could be described as failure (Leavy 5). There have been many attempts by renowned philosophers and leaders to define failure and its significance in the process of living. Bernard Shaw, one of the greatest writers of all time once said that as failure comes from making mistakes, it is still more honorable to try and fail than not to try at all.

Directly quoting him, “my reputation grows with every failure” (Benjamin 12). Another famous quotation about failure and success goes “only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly” (Leavy 5). Therefore by deduction, the concept of failure is a bit controversial in its context of definition; in most cases, people who are sluggards and laze around doing nothing to better their lives are dismissed as failures, but in essence, failing comes from putting an effort towards a specifically defined objective and not fulfilling it.

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Failure in itself is a very strong word and its usage tends to sound judgmental and emphasizing intransigence. In this sense, people dismissed as failures are judged to have little value in the society and that they even have little chance of rescuing them from their predicament (Benjamin 18). In my opinion, failure is directly related to time. There are people who accomplish so little for most of their time but end up achieving more than could be expected.

For example, the United States President Ulysses Grant worked as a lowly handyman just eight years before ascending to the presidency of the greatest nation in the world. The most successful soft drinks company in the world, Coca Cola, sold a mere four hundred bottles of its product in the first year it was founded. Albert Einstein, the renowned scientist who projected the shape of the universe, laid the foundation of nuclear physics and formulated the theory of relativity had his dissertation for the award of Ph.

D rejected. Life is made of ups and downs; and as long as humanity exists, people are definitely going to suffer disappointments, rejections and setbacks. Instead of unfortunate circumstances befall people, the society should not dismiss them as failures; they have just not found the correct footing to build a firm base for their progress (Leavy 7). As long as someone keeps trying, the setbacks and disappointments suffered along the way are just unsuccessful attempts towards self actualization.

It is therefore the responsibility of the society to support every one of its constituents to realize their dreams by setting up a harmonious environment that supports the growth and nurturing of each person’s potential and talent and provides the resources necessary for personal and communal growth and success. Failures should not be perceived as the final straw in each person’s attempt to realize their dreams and ambitions. Failure should be taken as a warning that one should change their approach or methodology they have adopted towards achieving the desires of their hearts.

In other words, we should learn from our mistakes to better ourselves. Works cited Benjamin, Jessica. “A Relational Psychoanalysis Perspective on the Necessity of Acknowledging Failure in order to restore the Facilitating and Containing Features of the Intersubjective Relationships (The Shared Third). ” International Journal of Psychoanalysis 90 (2009): 12-23. Leavy, Walter. “Facing the Fear of Failure. ” Ebony 57(2002, September, 2002): 3

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