A Day at the Baseball Park Essay

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A Day at the Baseball Park

I have never been in a Major League Baseball Park, but I do have been at my brothers’ baseball games. It might not be the same as a MLB baseball park, but I think it’s better because I went to give support to my brother. I know that he knowing the family is there he will show of all his performance. I love been at this games because I like to spent the much time as possible with my family.

It is a sunny day outside and a very hot day. Therefore, it is GAME day, we are getting ready to be all day at the park. We have to make sure to wear comfy clothes, sneakers, and take with us a good sunblock. In addition, we have to make sure to take our own seats to the park because the park bleachers are not comfortable enough to be all day sitting there. The family is preparing some drinks and snacks to take to the park. In our coolers we have; water, juice, sodas, sandwiches, hot dogs, chips, and cookies. After we have everything ready, it’s time to go to the baseball park.

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When we get to the park the first thing that we do is look for a good spot. After we found our good spot, it is time for my brother to go and do what he loves and that is play baseball. Moreover, it is time for us to start getting anxious. Is time for “play ball”, those are the words the referee says to start the game. The adrenaline start invading me also the rest of the family specially my dad. My dad can’t just sit down and enjoy the game he start yelling to my brother and the rest of the team, I think he yells to encourage them, after he yells he starts clapping. When he starts clapping, the other families start clapping also.

Therefore, the boys are playing it’s been a very great game. Everybody are giving support either for one team or the other one. The game is good, is the last entrance ant he game is tied. For our bad luck is the other team time to bat. The player who was at the bat, when he hits the ball start running until he gets to second base. We still hope that the others two players left at the bat get a strikeout, but that wasn’t happening. The next player at the bat make a hit and the player that was at second base score the race to break the tie game. The last player he did get a strikeout. Then, because of this last run score the opposing team wins the game.

It is good when you spent time like this one with your family. I have learn over the years, that there is nothing more important than the family. They are the ones that are there for you in the bad and the good moments. Family is the most precious gift that God has given us. For that reason, we have to keep vivid the family unity.

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