A Cultural Journey Essay

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A Cultural Journey

The American comedy-drama film Outsourced was directed by John Jeffcoat in 2006. In this movie, the main Todd Anderson grudgingly traveled to India to train his replacement because his job and whole department were outsourced. In this foreign land, Todd started his new work; saw dingy but distinctive scenery; got a new name, Toad; met new people. Beside the living aspect, he also have an assignment needed to complete, which is to decrease the time of the average call from 12 minutes to six. If this team cannot reach this standard, I could not go back home. What Todd only focused on is the red number on the NPM Monitor so that he teach the team about the American culture. However what he neglected is to blend into this foreign country. This is a cultural conflict in this film, but fortunately, Todd finally realize this point and correct his mentality. There were three obstacles the main character, Todd, faced in the film which is he need to put aside his arrogant attitude, to understand the diverse culture in India, and fitting in to this culture.

First of all, the first obstacles Todd faced was to put aside his arroganess. As an American citizen who is grown up in a developed country, it is understandable that Todd has a sense of national pride especially when he went to a developing country. Crowd, dirty street, caws and sheep running around and even there was a man pee on public place; those were the primary impression India impressed him. I think maybe not only Todd could feel disappointed, but also everybody will disappoint with this delicate country which has a long history. Fortunately, after a talk with a strange American, Todd noticed that he condemned the people around him based on his own opinion, and he should arrogant his attitude if he want to reach his goal. The connotation of a country or a city is not always embodies on its outward appearances. Also Asha’s words remind him he really needed to learn Indian culture. The first thing Todd did for his success was change his attitude about this country.

Second, the second obstacle Todd over came is to learn the diverse culture in India is his second step for reach his achievement. After a few days, Todd was influenced by the environment. They were expressing at his actions. He had to use his right hand to grab food after his landlord teach taught him the Indian culture; after an emergency he start to use his left hand as toilet paper, by the local custom, he used to drink the tea with 5 spoons of sugar. Those are the culture he learned in those days and he did these reluctantly. No matter if he like or dislike those custom, he start to learn those stuffs at least.

Third, the final obstacles Todd faced is he need to fit in to this culture. Holi Day might be the turning point of this movie. He tried to run away from the people’s attacking in the beginning. But maybe the festival atmosphere infected him, finally he start to join in the celebration with the local people and had fun. Except his case, he also open his heart and made friend with Indian people, for example, his neighbor. In addition, when his boss Dave came to India, he taught him what he knew about India. This reflects that Todd is glad to accept that cultural diversity and he enjoyed fitting into this country.

To put aside his arrogant attitude, to understand the diverse culture in India, and fitting in to this culture are the lessons Todd took in his grudging trip. During in this guocheng, his attitude of this foreign country was changed from detest to accepting. Not putting a positive spin on a desperate night; this truth is only fit for this film, but also apply to everybody need. Same as do not judge people with their appearance, the connotation of a country or a city is not always embodies on its outward appearances.

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