A Critique of Gun Control Campaigns in America

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Rich Lowry in “Ignorant Crusade-Gun Control Campaigns Stemming from the San Bernardino Shooting Aren’t Based in Fact” describes the irrational mindset of rampant gun control campaigns in America. Through the utilization of a ridiculing tone, Lowry conveys gun control supporters’ lack of knowledge regarding the issue of gun violence in the country. Within the passage, he explains that gun control supporters “know little about” firearms as a whole and have “no compunction to learn”, about the statistics and fallacies of their stance on the role of legislation regarding guns.

His usage of negative connotations exhibits that gun control enthusiasts perpetually push the government for stricter laws on issues that they are not informed about the actual issue and the consequences of enacting legislation. Lowry continues by arguing that stricter legislation on assault weapons is ridiculous due to its violations of the 2nd amendment and its ineffectiveness.

He proclaims that most gun homicides are the result of usage of “handguns in routine street crime”- which should be the center of focus instead of banning assault weapons.

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Prominently, he points out fallacies of gun control supporters and attacks their substance but ironically provides little substance to support his own premises. Overall, Lowry presents the message that gun control supports run their campaigns based on ignorance. In the LA Times article, “California lawmakers revive gun control ideas after San Bernardino” addresses the current loopholes present in America’s gun control legislation. Through the utilization of multiple perspectives, the author presents that congress only feels the need to address loopholes in the current gun control legislation after a tragedy.

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The author alludes to De Leon who believes that America is “working aggressively with law enforcement and crime prevention” to help solve the issue.

As a nation, America understands the need to address the situation of gun violence. He continues by stating that there are bills debated in Congress with the potential solutions to decreasing gun-related incidents across the nation but are being refuted. Additionally, the author provides valid examples including a bill vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown in 2013 that would’ve “banned semi-automatic rifles” with “detachable magazines”- which would lessen the ammo round in the affected guns. Prominently, in the past, congress has been faced with the simple decision of allowing effective legislation to pass but decides to refute it yet when another tragic shooting occurs, politicians suddenly work to erect solutions but ultimately no resolution is passed- and the cycle perpetually repeats itself. Overall, the article presents sufficient substance and valid examples to illustrate the ridiculous antics of Congress when it comes to resolving the issue of increasing gun violence in America. Both houses of Congress needs to stop alluding to gun legislation as a bi-partisan issue but rather as an epidemic that is affecting thousands of lives in the country in order to ensure the enactment of effective legislation.

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