A Critical View on Plagiarism

I totally agree with you on the subject of plagiarism It is indeed much easier to do know than ever before. The internet is the best tool that humans have ever created, but it can also be the worst thing, Now that information is much more readily available, plagiarism exponentially increases. Plagiarism is not just stealing; it shows how lazy one is. I admit that some people unintentionally plagiarize, but they should still see the error of their ways, Plagiarism is academic dishonesty and should be treated as such, In high school I had a teacher that always used a plagiarism checker on the internet on all of our papers.

I never had a problem with plagiarism as I always cited my sources whenever I used them Some however, were found plagiarizing. I learned to use this plagiarism checker to my advantage though Before I turned in every paper, I too used the plagiarism software just to ensure that I had not accidently plagiarized, Of course, there is always going to be some words that match up, and sometimes you may already have prior knowledge about a topic and say something the exact same thing as someone else, As long as you honestly say something in your own words, you are not plagiarizingr In other words, I am shocked by the recent survey you posted.

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I cannot believe that out those fifty thousand college students, seventy percent of them would admit to plagiarism. I could believe the statistics if it was about pirating music, but that is another story.

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Plagiarism is not only dishonest, it may also lead to misleading information, The plagiarism article on Wikipedia states “An author may commit an error in how they interpret or use a source, and consulting the original source allows these errors to be detected.” This is why it is important to always keep a list of your sources and cite your sources when needed. Some students are lucky to get away with plagiarizing, as teachers do not have the time to deal with every paper from a class of several hundred Plagiarizers believe they are getting ahead by saving time, but whenever they actually have to do a paper for a future job, they will be left hopeless. As I had stated in my article, even the best plagiarize. There is a profound amount of evidence showing that Shakespeare stole all of his plays I really find it sad that people can build up such a name for themselves and ruin their entire reputation from plagiarizing. This just shows how lazy they are for not compiling their own work, How would you feel about someone stealing your paper and turning it in as their own? This is the same way I feel about my music. People steal someone’s song and Claim it is their own. I would be furious if someone stole my guitar riff and made a song out of it. What would be even worse is if the song went big and they made money off it.

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