A Critical Study of Income Patterns After the Event Tourism in Sri Lanka Essay

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A Critical Study of Income Patterns After the Event Tourism in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan tourism has improved with the end of the civil war in 2009; it has able to bring many tourists from various nationals to Sri Lanka due to improvement of Security and other tourism related infrastructure. Sri Lanka tourism is focusing on promoting Sri Lankan tourism through many areas that can get competitive advantage from its key competitors. Event tourism considered as the latest addition to the Sri Lankan tourist industry, with the intention of latent to be a key tourist attraction to catch the attention of many tourists by organizing various international and local events develops the tourism in Sri Lanka and to earn substantial foreign exchange and expertise from other countries.

During 2008-2010 development of world tourism remained flat due to the worst recession world has gone through after 1930’s.During 2009 world tourism has dropped dramatically by 5.5% and in 2010 growth of tourism remained flat. This slump of tourism did not affect Sri Lanka badly but the phase Sri Lankan civil war was ending (2008-2009) tourist arrivals had dropped considerably. But has able to rebound from the droop during the post war period due to the progress of situation security of the island. Event tourism is an important and rapidly growing segment of international tourism ’’. An article by Getz in 1989 in Tourism Management.

Problem Statement

According to “Mahinda Chinthaya” which is governments philosophy on development of Sri lanka, tourism considered as key income generator for SL economy, recently SLB has spend heavily on organizing major international events to attract foreign tourist to Sri Lanka. These events have many merits and failures to identify and through this research author will do a critical study of income patterns after the event tourism in Sri Lanka which is essential further improvement of the Sri Lanka travel industry. So the study is consist of information regarding the revenues and expenses occurred recently concluded Events in Sri Lanka. “Critical study of income patterns after the event tourism in Sri Lanka which is essential further improvement of the Sri Lanka travel industry.” Problem Justification

Income after events conducted in SL gone under public conjecture, identification of income generated thorough sale of goods and services during the time of an event is a vital factor in future event planning.
Analyses of the expenses made by private sector and government is important since some of the cost unable to be accounted due to poor accounting policies used by firms. Since that it’s important to identify the income generated by locals as well as foreigners by conducting events in Sri Lanka. All the income generated sponsorships given by the foreign firms for events conducted in SL and the identification of the publicity given by local and foreign media which has given good image about Sri Lanka and future income can be generated from these promotions. Though analyze author critically evaluate the income pattern after event tourism in Sri lanka and areas that critical have a impact on, Event tourism Sri Lanka which has been rarely overlooked by the government of Sri Lanka to develop the countries tourism.

Objectives of the Study

* Objective of finding key areas that able Sri Lanka should develop to Event tourism. * Evaluating past international events organized by Sri Lanka tourism to promote tourism in Sri Lanka. * To find out the relationship between past events and their revenue generation to gain positive financial out comes to Sri Lanka. * Recommend the areas that Sri Lanka Tourism should widen to gain more financial and to Promote Sri lanka as a major Event tourism destination. * Find out the structure of the Sri Lanka tourism and how to develop to add more pecuniary returns though improvement of its functions.

Significance of the Study

Scope of the study- research going to be profound and Proportional analysis of the research topic. Population for the research is been events the recently held in Sri Lanka (2009-2011), following constraints also been identify during the process of the research. Sample for research-Data available of the events conducted in Sri Lanka are not well documented and large scale events has the influence of the government. Since some of the cost incurred during the events are not available. Therefore the author has chosen the samples from events that have primary cost of more than 30 million to conduct an event, because hundreds of events done individuals focusing on Tourists. Below mentioned groups are benefited from this report;

Event organizers –Through analysis of this Research help event organizers identify returns and expenses of conducting events. Also it will contribute them development weaknesses which they done in past events and use their strength effectively. Tourism professionals of the industry (promoters) – this able to identify the areas they should develop attract from tourists and to built image on other countries to visit Sri Lanka by using various cost effective and creative incentives attract more visitors to Sri Lanka to attend the future events. Government- This will help government identify the areas that should improve outcomes of the events conducted by various parties to attract tourists, which gives a valuable contribution to the local economy and to make a productive return from their investments. Media-Research will guide local and foreign media carry out widespread promotion events on Sri Lanka and the boost the image of Sri Lanka as a major tourism destination. Future researchers- Research on this topic guide future researchers to an in-depth research in subject matter.

Scope of the Study

Research will be focused on revenues or the income generated from event organized by Sri Lanka Tourism and it will identify the how the income patterns during the period of 2009-2011.Research contained the events conducted in Sri Lanka focusing only on attracting foreign tourist with assistance of the government. Thorough analysis of the research people related tourism, particularly people who financing the similar events discussed in the research.

Chapter 2 – Literature Review

Chapter 3 – Research Methodology

Independent Variables

Dependant Variable


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