A Critical Analysis of the Aspect of Literature in Nursing

Critical analysis of this notion reveals that the core aspect of the word nursing in this juncture is care. Reflecting the same concept to a different discipline, a disparity of understanding appears to exist. For example, the literature in the free dictionary defines nursing as an empathy feeling and exhibition of concern towards the less fortunate (Robert, 2014). This definition appears to have a contrary meaning from the above theories. It therefore insinuates that the concept of nursing have different understanding for different people.

Extending the same idea to social cognition, a disparity appears as well. For example, in a social setting, nursing is perceived as a therapeutic intervention, human trait or imperative moral care.

This definition seems to give a contrary meaning from those of national health organization and free dictionary. It is therefore absolute to accord that concept is a varying notion and is perceived differently in different environment and contexts within a given instance. Concept is defined by a number of parameters.

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It is a word that carries a number of traits submerged as one outcome. Some of the characteristics that define concept include, integration in nature, long livity, strategy fulfillment, scalable and flexibility. Having an integration nature means having a variety of touch points that can be joined together to form an excellent campaign (Heslop, 2014). Long livity emphasizes on ability of a concept to live long. That is, be everlasting and retaining consideration. Concerning strategy fulfilment, a concept should create a path that results to the desired outcome.

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That is it should be absolute and less challenged. Scalable and flexibility nature of concept entails having a variation nature such that an addition or a subtraction can be made to better the meaning. The above characteristics of concepts apply in nursing and clinical practice unanimously. In nursing a number of concepts are joined together to form a rigid idea that solves a number of issues.

This satisfies integration. Apparently, the individual ideas can be replaced by better ones to harness a greater output this satisfies flexibility (Robert, 2014). Lastly, nursing concepts are made from logic ideas such that they stay long and fulfil a diverse number of strategies.

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