A Covenant in Biblical and Legal Terms Essay

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A Covenant in Biblical and Legal Terms

The goal of this particular essay is to explain the various covenants in which the Bible mentions. This paper shall compare the Biblical covenants with the legal covenants. DEFINITION: Before the author of this paper can move forward one must first define what a covenant is. According to http://www.merriram-webster.com/dictionary/convenant it tells us this is merely a written promise/agreement between two or more parties. However, when referring to the Bible it is then personal because it is a promise between mankind and God. However, there is another way of explaining the definition of a covenant according to (http://ehis.ebscohost.com.library.gcu.edu:2048/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?sid=ab6d21cb-c8ea-436e-a5e8-5fcc2808a6c7%40sessionmgr112&vid=6&hid=23) “Covenanting”, a keyword in the ecumenical process of mutual commitment for justice, peace and the integrity of creation, is also a keyword in the biblical tradition. So central a place does it occupy that Christians use the titles “Old Testament (sc.Covenant)” and “New Testament (sc. Covenant)” as summaries of the contents of the Hebrew Bible and the testimonies of the first Christian community.


The bible informs us of the many which appears to be eight. The Bible also shows examples whereas God makes these covenants not only with mankind but also individuals. These


Covenants are also broken down into two different descriptions one being called a conditional covenant and the other being called an unconditional covenant.


1. Conditional covenant are the ones in which God’s promises He will always stand with man but man must also do his part and fulfill His laws and command which had already been established. 2. Unconditional covenants are basically showing God’s promises are granted and it does not matter what man will or will not do.

The Bible informs us of eight covenants; with the first covenant being called one Endemic covenant also a conditional covenant given unto Adam and Eve by God who had to give them everything they would need in order to survive (Genesis 2:16-17). God did provide them with certain conditions for they had to obey His every command and if they did not then there would be consequences and curses would fall upon them as well as their future generations to come. Because of their downfall the second covenant which had come about is known as the Adamic covenant (Genesis3:16-19) and this one was considered to be an unconditional covenant because of man’s fall and what mankind’s life will not be like because of sin. The third covenant in the Bible would be another unconditional covenant known as the Noahic Covenant (Genesis 9:1-18). This particular covenant tells us how God still reveals what His purpose is for mankind through Noah. Not only this but also the prophecy of Noah’s children in which showing the Messiah would come and the symbol/seal of this covenant was a rainbow. The fourth was the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis chapters 12, 13, 15, 17, 26 & 28) for this is also an unconditional covenant because of the circumcision being the sign. In this God does have an agreement with?


Abraham He would keep His Word. By this I mean within the Bible we see how God promised Abraham many blessings, posterity, a great nation as well as land. This covenant was basically to show mankind throughout all generations to come everyone could still have the promised of God but that each individual must obey His Word. The fifth Mosaic Covenant located in the Book of Exodus (19:4-6) is to be considered a conditional covenant. For this particular covenant was given into Moses from God so he (Moses) could have or rather established a relationship with the people of Israel and God. This was an essay covenant to follow for all God wants is actually simple to keep the Sabbath holy. The sixth covenant known as the Deuteronomic Covenant (Deuteronomy 30:1-10) is unconditional as well as conditional: unconditional with regards to the fulfillment of God’s command; conditional because throughout every generation someone will use the covenant and obey God.

Although Israel is consistently shown or rather mentioned through the Bible it is also a way to show mankind how everyone will eventually see the return of even Israel back to the land (Earth).The seventh covenant known as Davidic Covenant (2 Samuel chapter 7) is a covenant of promise made from God to David everyone is guaranteed an everlasting throne. And the covenant which is the eight covenants is known as New Covenant (Jeremiah 31) and was established because God had promised a new covenant to the descendants of the ones whom He had originally given the Old Law Covenants and this new covenant was for Israel. But in general it also is basically to be set forth with established Laws for the entire universe.


Throughout the Bible all of God’s Laws were legal in my eyes. For although the prophets were given the Biblical Covenants it was then beginning with Adam and Eve that legal covenants had already been established as well. The legal covenant is the basis for all of mankind to be able to repair what damage has been done prior to his or her entry into this world by this I mean one needs to recognize how powerful “Satan” and his deceptions can become but hold and keep God closer than ever before to their hearts. This will allow everyone to have a place with God and everlasting peace. In the Book of Hebrews it tells of how the laws were set aside (7:18; 10:9) offering everyone hope, and how we start with our “Faith.”

God has given up His only son for everyone’s sins in order for all concerned to inherit the eternal kingdom of Heaven. Laws are also transformed in the way we apply them to become a part of our daily walk with God. For God also showed mankind how for every reaction there are consequences one will and must face. In other words if you break the law and God’s law you will be punished. According to http://www.berith.org/pdf/The-Covenantal-Structure-of-the-Bible.pdf God’s covenantal judgment upon Christ at the cross opened the way of salvation so that the human race (not every individual man, but the majority, the world) has been saved from God’s everlasting wrath.

Also according to (Catholic Biblical Quarterly; Apr2008, Vol. 70 Issue 2, p223-243, 21p) the long-standing traditional view is that the legal material of the Pentateuch presents the law that was authoritative and in force in ancient Israel and Judah. This material is believed to have contained the rules by which the society and the legal system operate.

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