A Contrast Between Co-ed and Single-Sex Schools

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Single sex school provides poor social skills. When school prohibits boys and girls from studying together in school or classroom, they will built a mindset that their gender is better than the opposite sex. When students are segregated by sex, they will miss the opportunity to work together and develop their social skills. It has been shown that the segregated students always wonder about the reasons for separation. Students will be meeting many people in their future.

Actually, school is a place where they can develop their collaboration and communicating skill with each other.

In mixed school, students will be able to communicate with opposite sex. Usually gender-segregated schools produce young man young women who don’t know how to communicate with one another and leave lasting impressions that one gender is better than another. According to American Psychological Association, this type of scenario can cause problem in forming adult relationship as children get older.

The Association also stated that school is actually the place for preparation for adult life and how boys and girls will learn how to interact with each other in the workplace.

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As an example, girls are mostly emotional and boys seldom know what girls are thinking about. When both genders are not used to communicate with each another, they don’t have the chance to know more about each other. In the workplace, sometimes girls will lose their temper when they doing their work. If boys know them well, they will know how to deal with them.

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If not, argument may be occurred.

In business field as well, male and female counterpart will need to interact and communicate while carrying out a discussion to come to a better conclusion and a more all-rounded decision without discrimination to any party. Besides, many teachers nowadays may not have the training to employ gender-specific teaching techniques. Boys and girls have different needs and different interests in studies. A teacher’s job is to share their knowledge with their students. Usually when teachers are busy preparing their teaching materials. If they have to undergo this type of training just to know how to teach different genders, it may be a burden to them. Besides, boys are naturally more boisterous, unruly behavior, academically able, rational and more socially uncommunicative compared to girls whom are quiet, polite and studious.

Girls are expected to possess better social skills than boys and they are better in reading and language arts. Normally, girls who having discipline problems may encounter lack of understanding from peers and teachers. In the classroom, these unbiased unfold inn students’ practices and teachers’ acceptance of certain behaviors from one student or another based on the students’ gender. Boys and girls are actually having different style and actually they have to be separated in the classroom but since teachers may not have the techniques to teach specific gender, they have to learn to interact with each other. Co-ed schools actually provide teachers who know how to teach their students more effectively without looking at their gender.


Single-sex schools and co-ed schools actually having their own benefits. Everyone have their own choice to choose where they want to pursue their studies. A person’s future won’t be affected by where they studied. The most important thing is that students had gained knowledge in school and can contribute to the society in the future. School is actually just a platform for students to learn and know how to be a useful person.

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