A Complete Herbal Treatment for Hair Fall Problem

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Hair loss problems

Beauty needs care; hair being the most delicate portion of the body requires a little extra maintenance as well as effort. Hair loss is a leading problem in ladies as well as in men. There can be numerous reasons which can lead to hair fall which includes deficiency of minerals, iron or vitamins in the body, pollution, stress, age, heredity, lack of sleep, illness and prolonged hormonal imbalance.

One has to care their hair regularly by eating healthy food, cleaning hair thoroughly, by drinking ample amount of water and taking sufficient sleep which will ultimately leave your hair healthy and shiny.

If you are losing100 strands of hair in a day, then it is perfectly all right. But if the number is exceeded, then it is a big reason to worry.

Herbal and Ayurvedic hair fall treatments

Ayurvedic treatment is typically a grouping of diet, use of herbs, yoga, breathing, meditation, oil massage and even an aromatherapy. To control hair fall, Ayurveda suggests a 1/3rd cup of Aloe Vera juice.

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One can also; take 1 tbsp. of aloe Vera gel with a tweak of cumin three times a day for 2-3 months to control hair fall.

Herbal treatment

Herbs such as bottle gourd, Aloe Vera is the most recommended to treat hair loss by herbal experts. Herbal cure also considered as a permanent and safe cure as they are free from chemicals and other harmful agents.
One can also take the most from Himalaya herbal products to solve your worries related to hair fall.

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They have also introduced hair fall treating natural herbal product known as Protein Shampoo Oily to Normal Hair From Himalaya, It is a mild daily use shampoo rich in protein which cleans the hair and make it look fresh. Reduced hair fall, Strength, and protection from everyday damage are main working functions of shampoo.
This shampoo for Oily to Natural Hair will leave your hair Soft, Smooth, nourished and tangles free with a protein which also helps with strong build of hair.
Massaging hair with the oil contains vitamin E will help in preventing and slowdown in the rate of hair loss. Vitamin E oil fortifies brittle hair and also aids to prevent the flaky and dry skin.

Tips for healthy hair:

  • Extract of Licorice help in stopping the hair loss.
  • Tea made from marshmallow and burdock is good for dry hair.
  • Use stinging nettle, birch, rosemary, and horsetail to massage your scalp habitually for encouraging the hair growth.
  • Consume the foods that contain vitamin-B complex, zinc, sulfur, vitamin C and vital fatty acids.
  • Upsurge the consumption of milk, green leafy vegetables, salads, sprouts and fruits in your daily diet. Consume sufficient proteins, wheat germ, yeast, whole grains, buttermilk, nuts, and soya beans.

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A Complete Herbal Treatment for Hair Fall Problem
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