A Comparison of Developed and Developing Nations in Means of Energy Consumption

Developed and developing nations tend to differ by means of energy consumption for multiple reasons. For one, developed nations tend to utilize a large variety of energy production methods in their efforts to distribute it amongst all their citizens while developing ones generally donâ€TMt. This is primarily because developing nations generally are not nearly wealthy enough, large enough, or technologically advanced enough to have the same option for energy production projects that their developed counterparts enjoy. Next, there is the fact that developed nations tend to construct the most state of the art and efficient generation methods for their large scale energy production projects, making it possible for them to provide energy for their large populations.

Again the less developed nations of the world generally donâ€TMt have the means to do such things. Thus, these countries tend to have far fewer varieties in the types of energy production they utilize, which is not to mention the fact that they also tend to be more reliant on less complex energy production methods such as biomass energy or coal.

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One final difference is that often today many developed nations have actually begun to narrow their means of energy production by the specific economic and environmental impact it is seen to have with regards to the future of our planet. 

Developing nations often simply utilize what is available to them and it is thus unlikely that these areas will contain any large scale dams or nuclear power planets that reduce greenhouse gas emissions when they find it much more practical to burn coal.

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Compared to the more developed nations the U.S. tends to utilize more oil, coal, hydroelectric and nuclear power generation than other developed countries of its kind and slightly less than them in other areas. As is, this is likely due to the fact that all of these resources are highly available right within U.S. boundaries in the form of rivers for hydroelectric, mined fossil fuels for coal and oil, and developing technology/imports for nuclear power planets. Of course we must not forget that the U.S. tends to be a very economically driven country meaning that whichever method is going to be the cheapest is generally going to be the one they use the most. 

For the most part however the U.S. does seem to follow the same lines as the rest of the world as a whole regarding average energy production, which is likely because the overall number of energy extraction methods available to every country is roughly the same, and many nations tend to focus on one area or another of it. Yet, the U.S. does use slightly more oil than most of the world, primarily because we control a large amount of the worlds oil supply. At the same time we use slightly less Biomass production than practically anywhere else because for the most part we as a country only consider the most cost effective use of something, often overlooking its secondary application as a non-virgin good. Finally, in comparison to the less developed nations of the planet, the U.S. uses much more hydroelectric, nuclear and natural gas than they ever usually come close to, and less of the new renewables or biomass. Obviously the main contributor being that these underdeveloped countries donâ€TMt have the money, resources, technology or size generally required to properly utilize these newer methods of energy production, and since we do we overlook the smaller scale projects that they view as important.

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