A comparison between these two extracts Essay

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A comparison between these two extracts

Make relevant references to your wider reading in drama Both Pinter and Shakespeare display their thoughts and ideas through the main connection of family, this is also similar to Williams’s “A Streetcar Named Desire”. Through this connection … Both extracts feature sexual elements but at different intensities; they show elements of a flirtatious nature despite the circumstances in which the drama set up. Anne is conversing with a man who is responsible for the death of her husband and father in law in the war of the roses. Initially, she withstands his attempts to seduce her with her use of fiery language, “Out of my sight. Thou dost infect mine eyes”. The insulting language displays Anne’s initial disgust with the mere sight of Richard. The use of the word “infect” highlights the genuine hate she originally had for him and also produces an image of disease that is associated with him. However with the use poetic language and sensual imagery of “kissing”, Richard is able to manipulate her and convince her into not only forgiving him but accepting his ring as well.

Richard manages to ameliorate the sense of her words by claiming that her eyes “have infected” his with love. This is shown similarly in Tennessee’s “A Streetcar Named Desire” with Stanley’s constant sexual attraction towards Blanche, his sister in law shown through the implications of language he uses and also with his actions towards the end of the drama. In Scene 2, where Stanley is interrogating Blanche about where she gets her “costume jewellery” ;“if I didn’t know you was my wife’s sister I’d get ideas about you”. Stanley observes the taboo about relations with his wife’s sister; he reminds Blanche that she should not be flirting with him.

Nevertheless, Stanley, later on, sexually assaults Blanche in Scene 10, “Come to think of it – maybe you wouldn’t be bad to – interfere with …” As Stanley reaches for the right word, we are left to wonder whether this is the first time he has thought about assaulting her, whether he has always desired her but has channelled this into hostility. Also too in Pinter’s “The Homecoming”, although the suggestive language appears towards the end of the extract with Ruth’s surprisingly confident, “Have a sip. Go on. Have a sip from my glass.” The sudden enticing behaviour almost replicates the Stanley and his immediate sexual attraction to Blanche.

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