A Compariosn of Cross Country and Swimming in Exercises

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However, when the swim team is in the weight room their coach kicks me out. His only argument is that I am not one of his athletes and he does not want to watch me. I told him that I was only doing shin exercises. Shin exercises use special weight that hooks to your feet then you move your feet up and down, that s all. The swim couch doesn t understand why I have shin splints, swimmers don t get them.

The other day when I was finished with my run, I went up to the weight room to do shin exercises. The swimmers were there; now, don t get me wrong, I am friends with a lot of the swimmers.

It is the coach who I have a problem with. Well, I went in there and at first the coach didn t see me. I was talking with one of my friends and doing my shin exercises when the coach noticed me.

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He started with his usual thing about how I don t have permission to be there and that he is not going to watch me. I told him that the trainers instructed me to come in to do shin exercises. But he kept going on that he does not want to be responsible for me if I hurt myself. I responded, I m doing shin weights, ten pounds, look out I am going to kill myself. He just said he was not going to watch me. So, I picked up the weights and told him, fine, I II go outside and do the exercises.

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He replies, NO, put them down and get out!

I put the weights down and said, fine, but you don t have to be a dick about it. Well that made him madder then he was already. He said, what did you say, what did you call me? Just then, Coach Brent, my cross-country coach, came through the door. He asked, what s going on? Coach, I have a problem with your athlete, he just called me a dick, the swim coach said. By that time I had taken off my shoes to go into the trainer s office when I added, that s because you are one! Then, I went into the trainer s to start icing.A little while later, I was called into the Vice-Principals office. I saw Mr. Mayton and told him what had happened.

Moreover, that it was not the first time the swim coach had been a jerk to me. Mr. Mayton said he would call Vicky in the trainer s office, and if she said I had permission and was doing what I was told to do. Then, the swim coach did not have the right to throw me out. I never heard back form Mr. Mayton. My point here is not to say that what I did was right, nor to say that is was wrong, or even to say that I am sorry. My point is, if you are going to give someone a hard time, you had better be ready to take some back. Treat others the way you want to be treated. I think that goes for everyone, no matter who you are.

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