a Companies should gather and store data if the benefits received


Companies should gather and store data if the benefits received from the data are greater than the cost of collecting it. The data regarding the auto parts that get fixed most frequently are probably not costly to gather. It would probably be part of the claims information submitted by the insured parties. Therefore, the only significant cost would be to store the data and process it. USAA passes the data on the parts to parts manufactures, suppliers, and the Big Three automobile manufactures.

These companies use the data to improve their parts. Some use the data to determine which new products to offer. For example, one supplier may see that other suppliers are producing low quality prodcuts and determine that they could produce a better product for the same or a lower price.

b) USAA began capturing data on the repair records of the various shops that worked for them. They published this information in the newsletter sent to repair shops.

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The shops noticed how they compared to other shops and began repairing more windshields. Over a four-year period, the number of repaired windshields rose from 5% to 28%.

c) The system adds value by streamlining business processes and making them more effective and efficient. Before the image-processing system was installed, policy service representatives had to work with paper documents. Customer files were often missing or incomplete and documents were misfiled. The result was delays, multiple phone calls, and an inability to bring problems to timely closure. Now the documents are never missing or misplaced and service representatives have all the information they need to make a decision on the first phone call.

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d) USSA’s customers are widely scattered and USAA does not have local offices everywhere there are military personnel. In addition, military personnel also are deployed in areas where they have ready access to cell phones but not personal computers. Therefore, USAA needs a way to deposit funds on a timely basis and to interact by phones that are able to access the internet. The new applications meet these needs.

e) USAA has partnered with Embrace pet insurance to now offer discounts up to 15% for policies. This is a great new addition to the insurance policies that USAA offers because there are not many companies that offer pet insurances. The discount comes from being active duty, covering more than one pet and being a responsible pet owner by spaying and neutering pets. USAA now offers a car buying service, they have an online inventory of cars which customers can research and look at. Then when customers are ready to buy they can put in offers on cars with USAA. You can also schedule a test drive using the online program. USAA guarantees that this is a no hassle buying experience. USAA has now introduced an entire tab for college students. They have introduced Incentive College checking accounts, student loans and credit cards designed specifically for college students. By offering discounts on these products, or no service fees they fit great for the lifestyles of college students and encourage college students to be more responsible with their money by having free online banking.

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a Companies should gather and store data if the benefits received

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