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Sophistication, exceptional style. Galleria, also known as the Uptown District, is located west of Loop 610 and is less than 10 miles from Downtown Houston. It’s one of the largest business districts in the country. The district has innumerable trendy shopping centers, eateries, and all sorts of entertainment venues. The Galleria is the one place where “you can have it all.” Thanks to legendary Houstonian Gerald Hines and other individuals that started the development of properties in Uptown in the 1960s. The area was described as lonely, dusty farmland filled with boozed up motorists and now it’s the center for Houston high- fashion retail.

The Galleria holds a special place in.

On May 2014, the School at St. George Place became an authorized International Baccalaureate World School. They offer a Vanguard Neighborhood program for Gifted and Talented students, a Pre-kindergarten program, English Language Learner (ELL) instruction, and special education classes for students with special needs. “One School. One Community. One Great Place to Be.

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” Briargrove elementary provides a nurturing environment that pushes students to meet their maximum potential. Besides their large variety of enrichment classes in music, science lab, art, and critical thinking lab, they now offer the IB Years Programme (PYP).

Lanier Middle School has become an International Baccalaureate World School. They offer a G/T Vanguard program for more challenging students who have exceptional abilities, and it is also the only HISD middle school to offer the IB Middle Years Program. Since 1963, Memorial Middle School creates a culture which best prepares students for the future.

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The school has earned many distinctions, such as Closing Performance Gaps, Postsecondary Readiness and earned a 4- Star Distinction rating from the state of Texas DeBakey High School offers a rigorous curriculum. It provides students a solid college preparatory program which focuses on educational experiences in science and the health professions.

The school has recognized by numerous organizations such as the Governor’s Committee for Educational Excellence of the State of Texas, the US. Department of Education and even the Houston Mayor’s office. Carnegie was named one of the top 10 High School in the U.S and #1 public school in Houston. It has developed into a nationally recognized school. The school curriculum consists of Advanced Placement and pre-AP courses, as well as honors electives. St John presents a 13-year sequence of college preparatory training. It offers students a challenge for academic accomplishment and for development of a sense of self-worth and of personal responsibility. The school has received the ranking of being the #4 best private high schools in Texas.

The Kinkaid School is a premier college preparatory school that help students discover and develop their talents and fulfill their best academic potential. The school strives to produce well-rounded students. It offers a variety of classes from introductory courses up to Advanced Placement courses, and even college level course. Belvedere offers a nightclub and lounge experience that Houston has long been missing. Belvedere is a nice spot to dance and party the night away and satisfy all your social moods. They offer bottle service and VIP rooms that can be rented out for yourself and large groups.

Stereo Live is known for hosting top EDM DJs from around the world, and massive foam and laser-light parties. The venue offers numerous events such as hip-hop shows, rock concerts, dance competitions, fashion shows and so forth. Stereo Live feature three unique spaces and seven full-service bars. The wild west is a western bar & club featuring country & pop music, square dancing, and drink specials. Known for their Two-Steppin’ & Longneckin’ motto. This country nightclub offers a variety of activities such as shooting pool, playing blackjack, or taking dance lesson to make your visit enjoyable and energetic.

For 30 years, the Black Swan nightclub, located in the Omni Houston Hotel, has been one of the city’s most popular bars for locals. This nightclub presents a cozy, upscale energy that is inviting. After a $2 million re-imagination, the Black Swan returns as Houston’s hottest dance club “where you can expect the unexpected”. Grand Lux Café is an upscale- casual eatery, located across the Galleria. The restaurant offers a wide-ranging American menu that constant of world-class cooking techniques. With wood paneling, marble floors and tabletops, and cozy fireplaces, the atmosphere dining room is modern and inviting. Caracol is an award-winning restaurant that offers Mexican seafood dishes. The interior resembles the beaches along the Mexico coast with their woven chairs and amazing color selection.

Caracol is a “seafood kitchen that will take your taste buds on a flavorful tour along Mexico’s 16 coastal states” La Table offers a unique dining experience where it’s suitable for any occasions. The restaurant consists of two different concepts, where the downstairs area, named Marche, resemble a casual French market versus the fine European dining upstairs area, called Chateau. La Table has received many awards, such as Houston Best New Restaurant by Houstonia The Tasting Room is a well renowned award-winning restaurant that is known for its motto ‘A comfortable place to get serious about wine’. In a vibrant but cozy atmosphere, they offer an exceptional culinary experience. This restaurant has progressed from a small wine café to one of the largest wind bars in the nation.

Hines Waterwall Park A 64-foot tall fountain that is supposed to resemble a horseshoe of rushing water. The fountain re-circulates 11,000 gallons of water per minute. With over 180 live oaks trees, this is the perfect places for families, friends and even couples to take a stroll, picnic and so forth. The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa.  A 17,000-square foot facility with luxury spas, three resort style pools, a rock climbing wall, boxing ring, eight tennis courts, and a fitness center. This property is known for unbeatable guest services. Their goal is to help guest escape into the city, not away from it In The heart of Uptown Houston, The Galleria offers an upscale urban shopping experience with more than 375 stores, 30 restaurants, two hotels, and a full-sized ice rink. This property has become a popular attraction to tourist and locals with more than 24 million visitors annually.

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